Mercedes 190 1.8 with H registration on eBay

Of a “honest” Auto speaks when there are scratches, dents and other defects not concealed will. And this 190 from the year of construction 1990 looks really honest: Its condition largely corresponds to the mileage, the signs of use are visible, the provider speaks openly about it Weak points. Many don’t seem to be.
eBay Mercedes W201 190e 1.8

The Benz in almandine metallic has some signs of wear.

The engine is not brand new anymore

The Baby Benz from 1990who stands near Fulda, even looks for his age pretty good the end. The body is repainted in some places. The bumpers are shabby, and there are also a few cracks on the interior trim. 274,000 kilometers he has on the clock. This means that the machine is anything but “just run in”, as the seller claims, but it is certainly not used up. A look at the Oil pressure gauge if the engine is warm, this provides information: If the pressure drops when idling under two bar, is rather not advisable to buy.

Mercedes 190 with H license plate at a low price on eBay

The 190 was the first foray by Mercedes in the compact class, and he was very successful: After almost eleven years, more than 1.8 million sedans – there is only one design – had been sold. And many of them still drive around today, because the 190 lasts forever. The type 1.8 came in 1990 as one of the last engines to hit the market. He has 109 hp and counts as Thriftyto the eight liters per 100 km should be in there. The machine can even fill up with E10. The new price was also relatively cheap, at 33,117 marks in 1990 it was by far the best cheapest 190s.
eBay Mercedes W201 190e 1.8

The interior is black – baby seat not included!

A money saver has grabbed it here

Many bargain hunters who were stingy with the equipment took advantage of this. The 190 in Almadin red metallic is one of those Economy car: He has a Steel sunroof, that replaces the missing air conditioning. But otherwise there is no extras! Standard equipment includes power steering and central locking, but neither ABS nor airbags. There is a Four-speed manual transmission, so the 190 with difficulty manages 200 km / h. But that should be the case with him the relatively high odometer reading no longer expect.
eBay Mercedes W201 190e 1.8

The panel on the driver’s door is already cracked.

There is next to one Patch on the driver’s seat cheek (typical wear point) and one Crack of the interior lining There are also a few spots on the driver’s door that should be repaired: rust is starting to bloom on the surface in several places. These are neuralgic points, for example the Socket for the radio antenna and the Approach of the sacco boards on the doors – here plastic rubs against sheet steel. Of the Subfloor should, however, be clean. However missing photos, this should be checked meticulously! Prospective buyers should also pay attention to leaking oil on the engine and transmission and a leak-proof exhaust.
eBay Mercedes W201 190e 1.8

Apart from a sunroof, there are no extras in the 190.

Mercedes 190 with H license plate at a low price on eBay

The 1.8 does not need an H license plate

The compact Mercedes has an H license plate, so it drives to the reduced tax rate and is allowed in all environmental zones. Actually not necessary, because with Euro 4, the 190 1.8 is even a few euros lower for tax purposes. Because the Baby Benz is currently authorized nothing stands in the way of a test drive. As accessories there are winter wheels and the original rear lights for rear mounting. Also on board: bobble dog and crocheted toilet roll cap – for proper locomotion in the First owner style!

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What is the car worth? 2800 euros the seller demands. A comparable model of this year with the same engine costs in well-maintained condition between 6100 and 8300 euros, Depending on the equipment. That makes the eBay Benz in almadin red metallic a bargain – if, yes, if everything is otherwise perfect … Be sure to ask for documentation, invoices, checkbooks, etc.!

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