Mercedes 190 E 2.3 (W 201): beautiful 190 with full equipment

That best carthat Daimler ever built – that’s how many fans appreciate it Mercedes 190 of the W 201 series. So they are pretty close to the truth, because the first compactMercedes is of fabulous durability. Built from 1982 to 1993, the little brother of the first E-Class is in the reluctant design designed in the 1980s, which has been back in fashion lately. Although many copies of the “Baby-Benz” are now that H mark Of the more than 30,000 190s registered in Germany, most of them are still on the road without a classic car registration. Of the W 201, the internal company name, is still today fully suitable for everyday use; many even get that green plaque and thus have access in Environmental zones.
eBay Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3

The paint shines like on the first day – at least in the photos. There is a deep scratch on the driver’s door that is already rusty.

Now a specialist from Rödermark near Frankfurt / Main (Hessen) offers one US import to be proud of: the limousine was 1985 built, so before the first facelift, in gold metallic (presumably Mercedes color “champagne”), with exclusive Extras and in one Super condition. According to the provider, the car has 46,500 miles on the speedometer, that’s around 75,000 km – very little for one 26 years old car! Of the State makes the low mileage appear credible: except for a scratch on the driver’s door, everything looks neat.

Mercedes-Benz W 201 190 E 2.3 on eBay

rust should the American even at all none to have. Also the inner space in “Palomino” synthetic leather, called MB-Tex at Mercedes, looks clean. Just that dashboard has violent Cracks – this happens when the car is often parked under the southern sun. Used substitute are available from around 250 euros, the installation costs a few hundred. That maltreated Dashboard but also allows Conclusionthat there really could be little to no rust to be found here. Because probably the home of the US-190 was more in California than in Minnesota.
eBay Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3

The 190 has little headroom in the rear. The rear headrests were subject to a surcharge, this copy has none. The rear seats also look very good.

Mercedes 190 with very good equipment

The engine is one 2.3 liters huge Four-cylinderGasoline engine, with which the Baby-Benz gets along very quickly: 132 hp at a Empty weight from something over a ton to bring the little one in around ten Seconds from standing up tempo 100. Tip is at 192 km / h achieved. If you don’t drive it too long, you can consumption from around the ten liter to reach on 100 km.
eBay Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3

A look inside: the seats are covered with MB Tex, which is a synthetic leather variant. The degree of wear is noticeably low.

The car has one catalystAnd that is only where the blessing of equipment begins: There is Climate control, an electric sunroof and electrical Window regulator, electrical Seat adjustment (very rare) and originalAlloy wheels. Also the originalCassette radio is still on board, but should definitely be tested for functionality. Also the air conditioning the interested party should test carefully, the conversion to 134a costs several hundred – you are not allowed to do it yourself! What he doesn’t have: SECTION, that was a series only from 1991.
eBay Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3

The engine compartment is also relatively inconspicuous. The four-cylinder engine has 132 hp, and a catalytic converter ensures low pollutant emissions.

Small discount for the cracked dashboard should be in there

And of course you have to look at such an old car, and a US import at that, as a whole look carefully. In particular the Vehicle floor asks for a viewing in order to Bumps by careless previous owners or Accidental damage to uncover. In the beginning, rust occurs mainly on the 190 Jack mounts and on Pane frame on.

Mercedes-Benz W 201 190 E 2.3 on eBay

The provider claims the car is accident free and not tinkered with. the Asking price – it is not an auction – is enclosed 7555 euros. That’s a lot for a 26-year-old car, but for that one good condition and the lavish furnishings should that be appropriate. As I said: as long as everything works and there are no hidden defects. The cracks in the dashboard should make a small deduction possible.

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