Mercedes 250 DW 124 Binz: this E-Class is a motorhome

Mercedes fans love it W. 124because he’s for classic BenzVirtues and fits into everyday life absolutely everywhere. With the limousine drove taxi drivers as much as managers loved driving. in the Convertible could see movie stars. That T-model still swallows baggage today bus. And who are unique athlete like, will do this with the support of Porsche developed 500 U worship.

Mercedes 250 D Binz with H approval on eBay

But: Is it suitable W 124 also as a mobile home? Why do we ask that? Well: This extraordinary E-Class is becoming current at eBay for 8650 Euro offered. This is one 250 D Binz, probably one former ambulance. The car was restored and rebuiltto transport motorbikes – but can also serve as a mobile home.
eBay Mercedes 250 D

The photos in the advertisements show a clean car with no damage or signs of wear.

Mercedes 250 D is first class, according to the information

The photos published in the ad show one blue SpecialBenzthat is in a at least good State should be located. Noteworthy Signs of use or Damage are not recognizable, everything looks clean and tidy. That fits the description of the seller. He goes into the ad text with the information that the Mercedes is up August 2023 TÜV has and in the past 14th Years of the Painting about the Level regulation Up to the Jack mounts everything was done.
eBay Mercedes 250 D
The control unit on the dashboard hints at a past as an ambulance.

That H mark underlines that the vehicle is in one State which is located somewhere between neat and very Well classifies. With H mark are independent of the drive Environmental zones Drivable in city centers. That is in the face of one 90 PS strengthen Diesels from 1987 very nice. Finally, the seller raves about one stable platform for the transport of motorcycles. Part of this platform can be removed and used against a Lying area exchanged will. Then the 250 D Binz is a rudimentary motorhome!
eBay Mercedes 250 D
Motorcycles fit in here. Or you can sleep in it.

Anyone interested in this Benz should check that out

Of course, a is also recommended for this used car more detailed Check. It starts with one Test drive. And the history can be done with the salesperson look through together: What has been done on the car? When did it happen? Who did the work and what is the quality of the result?

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As the worst weakness of the W 124 applies to his Susceptibility to rust. Therefore, regardless of the description, it is worthwhile to look through the car carefully when viewing it. The jack recordings are made, but the one rust can also be sent to the Kult-Benz rear Wheel arches, the front Fender tips, to the Standing sheet nibble in the engine compartment and other places. Of the 250 D engine is a very resilient fellow who with the right care not to be broken is.

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