Mercedes 290 GD (W 461): Dream G-Class in a dream state?

the Mercedes G-Class makes something really good. You can be in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt or Munich with the thick Benz always excellently dressed on the expensive shopping streets. From the original concept it fits Daimler actually not to the boulevards of this world, because G stands for Off-road vehicle. And that’s exactly what – for the rough – they have MercedesEngineers developed the Brocken.
Such a natural one Mercedes G is at eBay just offered for sale. It is a 290 GD of the series W 461 of the year 1996 – with three doors, recently wheelbase and bearded Five-cylinderdiesel (95 hp). The car should 36,800 euros cost and is used by the seller as an investment in New condition described. A dream for all fans of the Mercedes G-Class?

Mercedes 290 GD on eBay

Eye catcher in the title of the advertisement are the three words “frame off restored“. If that occupy then someone has the Benz completely in theirs individual parts disassembled and take him off frame (English “frame”) extensively restored. Unfortunately, details cannot be found in the ad.
eBay Mercedes G 290 GD

The five-cylinder under the hood doesn’t make the Benz a hit, but it can withstand a lot.

But that shouldn’t deter the interested party, but rather encourage them to do so salesperson according to evidence such as photos or bills ask from the workshop. the pictures in any case show a Mercedes 290 GD, which is on the first view actually like New works and practically not even inside or outside Signs of use having.
eBay Mercedes G 290 GD

The advertised G-Class actually looks new and unused in the photos.

1996 G-Class with only 60,234 kilometers on the clock

According to the ad, the car comes from second hand. On the speedometer are manageable 60,234 kilometers. the First registration took place on June 20, 1996. Switched will manually. The green G has im October 2023 the next appointment at TÜV. This means that he must have just received the badge fresh. One trailer hitch is on board, so far there has been none Accidents.

This G likes it cozy, but can withstand almost anything

The Daimler offered is obvious no Sports car. the 95 PS of the five-cylinder have to work hard to get the steel box going. But the diesel engine sticks to it consumption back – not necessarily by today’s standards, but in comparison with its contemporaries. In addition, the unit is one of those “Omnivorous“, the literally also with Waste oil travel. This is not intended to encourage questionable experiments, but it does make it clear that this G-Class is definitely for travel suitable in countries where the Fuel quality is not the best.
eBay Mercedes G 290 GD

Despite the excellent first impression, the Mercedes G-Class should be examined carefully.

A On sitemeeting as well as a more precise one Check from body and technical State are compulsory. If you do not have the necessary specialist knowledge yourself, you are welcome to contact an expert. The Mercedes is 25th years old and not rolled off the conveyor belt just a few days ago, even if it looks like it. Quirks and small weaknesses cannot be ruled out.

Mercedes 290 GD on eBay

During the tour, you can then also look right away, how good the restoration really is. Finally, one should be aware of the fact that this G-Class no with all amenities more crowded Luxury temple is. It’s tough here. The Bundeswehr also drives 290 GDs.

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