Mercedes A 45 AMG: confiscated shortly after purchase!

AMG seized one hour after purchase!

The driver of an AMG drove “like a car thief”, the police said. Although it was not, the police nevertheless confiscated the car that had just been bought.

DThe officers had probably never seen anything like this: in Greater Manchester, England, the police caught a strange catch when they caught one Mercedes A 45 AMG made sure. It was not the 381 hp compact sports car that was bought second-hand, but the story behind the job. The law enforcement officers initially assumed that they were on the trail of a car thief, they said on Twitter. Because the driver of the silver-gray Mercedes “drove as if he had stolen the car”, the police chased him and finally stopped him in a residential area in the town of Heywood. As it turned out after a brief inspection, the driver was not a car thief but the rightful owner of the AMG.

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As of April 30, 2020

Joy of the new car was short-lived

But now it was getting bitter: the brisk Benz driver had only recently bought the A 45 (new price: around 51,000 euros) from a used car dealer. According to the officials, there was no more than 60 minutes between the acquisition and the loss. After almost an hour, the new AMG was already gone – confiscated by the police. Reason: The new owner had not insured the car at all. Now the unknown sinner has to go on foot and be responsible for driving without insurance. It is not known how long the Mercedes will be kept. Used Mercedes A 45 AMG with guarantee can be found here!


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