Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4matic + (2022): All information about the electric AMG

• Up to 761 hp and 1000 Nm
• 3.4 s from 0 to 100 km / h
• Prices start at
152,546 euros

Market launch and price: it starts at more than 150,000 euros

With its S-Class, Mercedes has always known how to combine luxury and sportiness. As AMG, the luxury sedan became a piece of sports equipment, and this balancing act should now also work with the EQS. After the limited SLS AMG Electric Drive, the Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4matic + takes on the role of first fully electric large-volume AMG to.

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Even without a thundering V8 sound, it should real AMG feeling convey. Because the Affalterbachers put on the big wrench and also turned the rest of the technology inside out. The electric sedan can be ordered at prices from 152,546 euros, the EQS 53 2022 is available from dealers. (All new electric cars by 2026.)

Drive and power: up to 761 hp with the Dynamic + package

The EQS 53 comes on two electric motors with 174 kW on the front and 310 kW on the rear axle. Both are said to have been modified on the software as well as the hardware side and bring it up together 484 kW (around 660 hp). With the optionally available Dynamic + package increases the output to 560 kW (761 PS) and over 1000 Nm of torque, which probably corresponds exactly to the overboost performance of the Porsche Taycan Turbo S, and not entirely by chance. However, even in the AMG, the values ​​are only achieved during the start of the race (launch control). Then the all-wheel drive sprints from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.4 seconds.
Mercedes EQS 53

The EQS 53 charges with up to 200 kW and is said to have filled up with electricity for another 300 kilometers in 19 minutes.

For a 2.6-ton luxury sedan, this is more than respectable. the The maximum speed is 250 km / h. Without Dynamic + it is 220 km / h, which is still ten km / h higher than that of the EQS 580. The power comes from a 107.8 kWh battery fed. It has been modified and should be able to call up the performance steadily and for longer. In addition, the cooling has been improved. The range is up to 586 kilometers according to WLTP.

Your own sound world with the Dynamic + package

Incidentally, if you are worried about the sound, rest assured. AMG has given the EQS 53 a so-called “Authentic Sound World” trained, which changes the sound depending on the driving condition. The legally prescribed AVAS sound also sounds different than the basic EQS. The Dynamic + package also comes with its own “Performance Sound World” added, which sharpens the sound experience again. We haven’t been able to test what that sounds like yet. But at least you don’t have to get along without any noises.

Driving: light-footed like an E-Class despite 2.6 tons

That the AMG goes from 0 to 100 in 3.4 seconds the standard all-wheel drive EQS 580 (523 hp) takes just under a second, is this a. Even his up to 250 things (instead of 210 km / h) are nice, but not decisive for purchase; especially since you have to order the AMG-Dynamic-Plus-Package, otherwise it is over at 220 km / h. Much more impressive is how the optimizations on the chassis (standard with Air suspension and rear wheel steering).

Mercedes EQS 53

The sound is of course not comparable to the deep bubbling of a V8, but still pretty cool.

As sublime as the “normal” EQS on the straights is beyond doubt, its more than two and a half tons weigh heavily in the curve and yet forcefully push to the edge. The AMG measures, on the other hand, act like a starvation diet. As if the Stromer had lost several hundred kilograms, If the 53er nimbly goes around the corner, it follows the given line nicely, thanks in part to the rear wheels that steer by up to nine degrees and feels light-footed like one E-class on. Great for this engineering achievement!

On request, the AMG bounces over the asphalt as soft as butter

Especially since the Affalterbachers did not make it easy for themselves to simply stiffen the substructure. Two additional pressure relief valves attached outside the damper ensure, as with the AMG GT 4-door, that the damping force of the air spring can be adapted even more precisely to the respective driving situation – independently of each other in rebound and compression. The often cited balancing act between sportiness and comfort succeeds even better, on request the AMG model can also bounce smoothly over the asphalt. The same goal pursued Re-tune the landing gear control unit, in which, among other things, the distance between the minimum and maximum damping force line has been increased.


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In addition, AMG has completely redesigned the rear axle carrier as well as the subframe and engine mountings and redesigned transverse stabilizers, wheel carriers and control arms. Four preset driving modes adjust the EQS for smoothness, comfortable, sporty or really dynamic driving (Sport +), in addition, as usual, the individual parameters can be combined in the individual mode as you wish. The sound is also adjusted accordingly, the between the quiet tram whisper and futuristic warp drive acoustics varies and actually not only fits really well with the EQS, but also sends precise feedback to the driver’s ear: You can hear how fast you are driving.

Design: Visually very close to the EQS with AMG-Line

The 53 takes over practically unchanged the body of the AMG-Line from the normal EQS. Reason: only she can do it Cw fable value 0.2, which the 53 should come close to. At the front, the changes are limited to standard digital light and vertical struts in the front mask, which is reminiscent of AMG’s Panamericana grills. There is one at the rear larger spoiler lip for more contact pressure and – look closely – two additional chrome struts on the side of the apron. The AMG can be recognized without a doubt by the corresponding lettering on the rear. On the front fenders, of course, the “turbo” of the combustion version is omitted, “4matic +” has to be sufficient here. There is an optional extended night package with black accents and dark chrome trim like the photo vehicle.

Mercedes-AMG EQS 53
With the optional night package, the black EQS 53 looks even nastier. Changes to the rear: spoiler and chrome strips.

Interior: Hyperscreen with its own displays as standard

In the cockpit, the changes are a bit more profound. In addition to extensive leather covers with special decorative stitching, there are a lot of microfibre, carbon inlays, AMG logos and illuminated AMG lettering in the door sill trims. The Sports steering wheel owns another wreath with non-slip cover as well two control satellites for setting driving modes and ESP. The latter should, according to AMG completely deactivate. Also on board as standard is the Hyperscreen, which has two additional display styles for the digital cockpit in the 53 series. In addition, the front passenger screen should have its own graphic, which was not yet available in the studio vehicle.
Mercedes-AMG EQS 53

The hyperscreen is built into the AMG as standard. Microfiber and carbon bring a sporty flair to the cockpit.

Equipment: With dampers from the AMG GT 4-door

The AMG engineers also fine-tuned the chassis and its peripherals. The 53 is on the air suspension including damper unit from the lifted AMG GT 4-door with separately adjustable rebound and compression stages, with the basic height remaining unchanged. In addition, the Rear axle carrier modified and stiffer stabilizers assembled. The standard rear-axle steering only turns nine instead of ten degrees and has been trimmed for driving stability instead of minimal curve radii. Wider rims (three options between 21 and 22 inches) with tires of the same type ensure more grip. Last but not least, there is one upon request Ceramic brake with mighty 440 discs on the front axle.

There could also be electric 63s

According to Mercedes should the AMG EQS 53 is explicitly not designed for the racetrack but rather offer a sporty driving experience on public roads. This is probably one of the reasons why the number “63” was deliberately omitted and it will no longer be used in the current EQ models. But it should be used later, because AMG is already working on one own electric platform. Then at the latest you can expect the first fully electric AMG 63 that focus on the racetrack.
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