Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×4² (2022): a monster truck for the road

Portal axles, wading depth of 91 centimeters and a V8 biturbo with a whopping 585 HP: This Mercedes G-Class is unstoppable! Seven years after the first 4×4², Mercedes presents the successor as an AMG version and at the same time announces: This G is the last of its kind!


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Almost secretly, Mercedes-AMG unveiled the new G 63 4×4² in advance in the so-called G-Class Private Lounge. This off-road monster deserves the big stage.

The special models of the G-Class at a glance

Let’s look back almost ten years: Back then, Mercedes presented the spectacular G 63 AMG 6×6, the first special model in a very special series of G-Classes.

The G 500 4×4² followed just two years later, taking over the all-wheel drive train and two of the three portal axles of the G 63 6×6 – and combining them with a newly developed chassis and an extra-wide body.

Mercedes Maybach G 650 Landaulet

The Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet is a luxury convertible for the super-rich, only built 99 times.

In 2017, the Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet, of which only 99 were built, was unveiled, a luxury V12 biturbo convertible version of the G-Class. This was the last model in a very special series of G-Classes – until now!

V8 biturbo with 585 hp from the G 63

After the last 4×4² wasn’t an AMG, Mercedes has now really knocked out one. Although test mules of the new 4×4² were repeatedly sighted, it was uncertain right up to the end whether it would be a G 63 or a G 500.

Now it’s clear: The new edition comes with the V8 biturbo from the current G 63. The output remains at 585 hp and the torque at 850 Nm, which means a decent plus compared to the predecessor (422 hp, 610 Nm). Mercedes-AMG has not yet announced the performance of the new model.

G 63 4×4² with portal axles and more

In terms of technology, the G 63 4×4² is clearly based on the recipe of its predecessor. The top premise in development should have been: This car should get through everywhere! In addition, portal axles with independent front suspension, locks and permanent all-wheel drive are almost a matter of course.

Mercedes AMG G 63 4X4

Seeing this in the rear-view mirror, those in front should make room voluntarily.

The climbing ability is said to be 45 degrees, while the ground clearance is specified as 351 millimeters and the fording depth as 910 millimeters. Even if it seems to be waste, the predecessor is still ahead in these two disciplines: With 450 millimeters of ground clearance, the G 500 4×4² offers almost 100 millimeters more room to maneuver, and the wading depth of 1000 millimeters is also greater than that of the G 63 4×4². Although we can agree that both models will probably never, if ever, be pushed to their limits.

With the look of a monster truck

In terms of looks, there are few surprises. While a normal G 63 looks terrifying in the rearview mirror, the G 63 4×4² looks like a monster truck. The newly designed 22-inch rims with off-road tires are just covered by the fender flares in visible carbon (like the predecessor).

The carbon roof attachment with additional lighting is known from the G 500 4×4². As befits an AMG model in 2022, the Panamericana grille should not be missing.

Mercedes AMG G 63 4X4

The full 22-inch spare wheel has a cover made of visible carbon. The underride guard is for safety.

At the rear there is a full 22-inch spare wheel with a cover made of carbon fiber with an embossed 4×4² lettering. A roof rack and a rear ladder from the Professional range are also available on request.

The livery of the presentation vehicle should look familiar to AMG fans, because it is “Green Hell Magno” – a matt shade of green that was first shown on the AMG GT R and is named after the Nürburgring-Nordschleife.


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What the G 63 4×4² has to do with the Green Hell, however, remains the secret of Mercedes-AMG. After all, it is explained that the special model can be ordered in 40 different exterior colors and is therefore the most individualized G-Class special model.

G 63 4×4² with digital rear-view mirror

In order to inspect the cockpit of the G 63 4×4², small people in particular have to make quite an effort because the entrance is high. The interior itself is 99 percent familiar from the current G 63. Fine nappa leather with diamond quilting and an Alcantara steering wheel are standard.

Mercedes AMG G 63 4X4

Not much has changed in the interior. The technical highlight here is the digital interior mirror.

The ambient lighting extended to the air vents, the trim strips in matt carbon and special graphics in the digital instrument display are new. The highlight is a digital rear-view mirror, which is intended to provide a good view to the rear despite the enormous seat height.

How much will the G 63 4×4² cost?

Officially, Mercedes only says that the G 63 4×4² will only be available for a certain period of time. And adds that this G is the last of its kind.

There is no information about the prices yet. However, since the predecessor already cost 226,100 euros in 2015, it would not be surprising if the G 63 4×4² was priced at around 300,000 euros. After all, a “normal” G 63 currently costs at least 180,940 euros – and is still so popular that the G-Class cannot currently be ordered in Germany.
There are also G 63s on the used car market, which are offered for over 270,000 euros. Against this background, the 4×4² should be a good investment.

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