Mercedes-AMG G 63 Tuning: Expensive carbon body kit from Kahn Design

With the Mercedes-AMG has the new G 63 generation landed a real hit. Wherever a new one G class appears, it feels like the three quick Affalterbacher letters are on it. Tuners can provide more individuality beyond the standard version. The creations by Mansory or Brabus are particularly opulent. If you like it a bit more discreet, you will find it at British refiner Kahn Design find it. (That’s how expensive the Mercedes-AMG G 63 is in everyday life!)

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All attachments in carbon fiber

Kahn delivers a complete Carbon body kit called Carbon Wide Track Edition in several parts. The complete series elements are not replaced, but supplemented with add-on parts. Join in Fender flares, a new grill, a hood attachment and attachments on the roof including LED strips at the front. Rotate in the wheelhouses 23 inch alloy wheels, 22-inch models are also available as an option. The Kahn tuning is anything but inconspicuous, but is still a bit more cautious than the interpretations of the aforementioned German tuners.

Mercedes G-Wagon G63 AMG Hammer Edition - Exposed Carbon Body Kit

The carbon fiber makes the widening of the body kit clear. Dark paint colors made it look less beefy.

The performance remains the same

in the inner space Kahn built some Carbon trim, a steering wheel with a new rim as well as individual leather upholstery on request. On the drive side, however, everything remains the same. It thuds in the bow Four-liter twin-turbo V8 still with 585 PS and 850 Nm torque ahead of you. the 4.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h and a top speed of 240 km / h (with Driver’s Package) should appear too slow in the rarest of cases.

Mercedes G-Wagon G63 AMG Hammer Edition - Exposed Carbon Body Kit

The bonnet made of carbon fiber is only used for the show, it is not an air outlet for the engine.

Over 20,000 euros for the complete body kit

the Body kit costs are the equivalent of around 17,500 euros not without. For the roof attachment with LED strips, another 2800 euros are added, and more 9,340 euros are for the rims due. The modifications in cockpit beat at around 5140 euros, not including the individual leather upholstery. Of course that’s still missing Base vehicle, for that at least 162,702 euros want to be transferred to Mercedes.

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