Mercedes-AMG GT 63 SE Performance: the most powerful AMG to date

At the IAA Mobility in Munich (September 7th to 12th, 2021) Mercedes-AMG presents the GT 4-door plug-in hybrid. Contrary to expectations, the new top model does not have the name GT 73 e, but it gets the name GT 63 SE performance. But it doesn’t matter, because the performance data are of course much more important than the abbreviation. This is where the GT really comes into its own: The System performance is brutal 843 HP and up to 1470 Nm system torque. This makes the GT 63 SE Performance not only the first performance hybrid model from Mercedes-AMG, but also the one to date strongest production model of the brand. At least until that one AMG One hyper sports car is delivered!

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● The plug-in hybrid is called GT 63 SE Performance
● First performance hybrid from Mercedes-AMG
● Technologies from Formula 1
● The 4.0-liter V8 biturbo is supported by an electric motor with a maximum of 150 kW (204 hp)
● System output is 843 HP and up to 1470 Nm system torque
● 0-100 km / h in 2.9 seconds
● 0-200 km / h in under 10.0 seconds
● Top speed: 316 km / h
● Electric range: 12 kilometers
● self-developed lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 6.1 kWh
● new driving mode “Electric”
● four recuperation levels
● Price should be around 200,000 euros

The degree of recuperation is set on the steering wheel

There are no surprises in the interior of the GT 63 SE Performance. The performance seats are still great, the quality of workmanship is top-notch. The cockpit of the GT 63 S is a successful combination of sport and luxury. The biggest innovation is the one known from the GT 43 and GT 53 since the facelift AMG performance steering wheelwhich, however, has the special feature of the GT 63 SE Performance that different levels of recuperation to be selected directly on the steering wheel. The driver has the option of choosing between four levels from 0 to 3, with level 3 even the so-called One pedal driving should be possible – i.e. driving without using the brake pedal. We will clarify how this works in everyday life in the first test! Apart from that, Mercedes-AMG also offers customers the option of customization in the interior – a large selection of colors for the leather interior is available in the GT 63 SE Performance.

Electric motor on the rear axle

It continues with the highlight of the new one Mercedes-AMG GT 63 SE Performance, the drive. The known Four-liter V8 biturbo with 639 PS and 900 Nm maximum torque remains untouched. In the new top model, which obviously replaces the GT 63 S 4Matic +, the V8 is a maximum of one 150 kW (204 PS) electric motor supports. All in all, this results in one System output of 843 hp and up to 1470 Nm system torque (depending on the gear combination). The electric motor and the self-developed AMG High Performance Battery (HPB) are positioned together with the electronically controlled rear axle locking differential in a so-called electric drive unit on the rear axle. the Lithium Ion Battery was developed in close collaboration with the F1 team, weighs only 89 kilograms and offers 70 kW continuous output. The maximum output of 150 kW is available for up to ten seconds, for example when accelerating or overtaking.
Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door hybrid PAD

The well-known four-liter V8 biturbo continues to generate 639 hp and is supported by an electric motor.

The capacity of the HPB is 6.1 kWh, which means the GT 63 SE Performance in the new “Electric” mode Drive a maximum of twelve kilometers purely electrically should be able to. This means that the electric range is very manageable, after all, most plug-in hybrids can now achieve a realistic 40 to 60 kilometers. But let’s be honest, an AMG with over 800 hp is primarily about power and performance, and this is where the new top GT model is convincing – at least on paper. Even if Mercedes does not have any official weight information ready, it should Empty weight at around 2.5 tons lie. Nevertheless, the GT 63 SE accelerates in record-breaking performance thanks to the electric boost 2.9 seconds to 100 km / h – at least three tenths faster than the GT 63 S. 200 km / h should be there after less than ten seconds and the Top speed gives Mercedes-AMG 316 km / h (GT 63 S: 315 km / h).

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But the 843 PS strong GT 63 SE Performance should also be able to do something else: Overall, there are no less than seven driving modes (“Comfort”, “Sport”, “Sport +”, “Race”, “Smoothness”, “Individual” and “Electric”) are available. In the new “Electric” mode should the GT exclusively and up Drive a maximum of 130 km / h electrically. When the battery is discharged or when more power is called up, it automatically switches to “Comfort” mode. Even in “Comfort”, the AMG usually starts electrically and therefore silently. But that is only partially true, because a “typical AMG start-up sound” should be heard in the interior. One thing was particularly important to the Affalterbach engineers: the performance hybrid should also be clearly recognizable as an AMG acoustically. The AUTO BILD driving report will clarify at the latest whether the project worked.

This is behind the label “E Performance”

When developing electrified drives for sports models, AMG is now relying even more on the cooperation with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team. In addition to the GT 63 E Performance, which is available as a Plug-in hybrid 843 hp The main focus here is on the new hyper sports car AMG One, which is supposed to bring real Formula 1 technology to the road. After several delays, the first customer vehicles are due to be delivered in 2021.

According to Mercedes-AMG, the performance-oriented electrification is to be initiated with the over 1000 hp One. That happens from now on under the Label “E Performance”. The goal: to promote high-performance and efficient hybridization for future road models. The first examples of cooperation are the electric exhaust gas turbocharger and the cell technology of high-performance batteries. Both technologies that will soon be found in AMG production models.

Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door hybrid PAD

The loading flap is positioned in the rear apron and cannot be overlooked.

Marginal visual changes

While a lot has happened under the sheet metal, the The top model looks very cautious changes. Even professionals have to look twice at the front to see the slightly larger outer air inlets with vertical instead of horizontal struts. The headlights with the light signature known from the facelift and the characteristic Panamericana grille are well known. Somewhat more noticeable than the minimal differences at the front are the new E Performance additions below the V8 Biturbo lettering on the fenders. The clearest distinguishing feature, however, is the one that cannot be overlooked Loading flap on the right in the rear apron, which looks a bit cheap. Here Mercedes could have done a little more effort to integrate the flap a little more inconspicuously. Hard to see on the red presentation vehicle: The one now Model designation highlighted in red.
Mercedes-AMG GT Concept !!! BLOCKING PERIOD March 07, 2017 9:45 a.m. !!!

The AMG GT Concept study shown in 2017 already provided for a plug-in hybrid drive with 800 hp.

New 20/21 inch rims for the GT 63 SE Performance

While we’re on the subject of colors, Mercedes-AMG offers numerous for the new top model Customization options on: In addition to four matt finishes, there are also seven special individual finishes, as well newly designed 20/21 inch wheelsets and the AMG Night Package II for optional. They are standard on board Ceramic brake with 420 millimeter discs on the front axle and special hybrid displays for the MBUX. Naturally, the GT 63 SE Performance gets all the updates of the facelift, such as the AMG Ride Control + chassis and the well-known AMG Performance steering wheel.

Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door hybrid PAD
No surprises in the interior: the highlight is the new AMG performance steering wheel.

GT 63 SE Performance could cost around 200,000 euros

At the moment, Mercedes-AMG is still doing it no information on the price of the new GT 63 SE Performance. Only the GT 43 (from 96,878 euros) and the GT 53 4Matic + (from 114,490 euros) can currently be ordered in the configurator. Of the 639 PS strong GT 63 S last cost at least 169,527 euros. Due to the significant increase in performance and the modern technology, the price of the GT 63 SE Performance should be significantly higher. AUTO BILD assumes that that new top model cost around 200,000 euros will. It is interesting that the design is not entirely new: In 2017 Mercedes presented the AMG GT Concept as a preview of the future GT 4-door – the study envisaged a four-liter V8 biturbo with electric assistance and 800 hp.

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