Mercedes-AMG S 63 convertible: Fostla tunes the Brabus convertible

Optical tuning for over 31,000 euros

This serves as the basis for the conversion 612 hp Mercedes-AMG S 63 Convertible. On the body side, it has that “Brabus Carbon Body & Sound Package “for 21,716 euros. It includes a spoiler lip and apron attachments for the front, one spoiler for the trunk lid, a rear diffuser and a flap exhaust system. The body parts are all made of carbon fiber.
Brabus S63 Cabriolet from FOSTLA.DE

The carbon diffuser and trunk spoiler make the rear of the AMG S 63 Cabrio appear even more massive.

Tuned Mercedes-AMG S 63 convertible in a striking color combination

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In addition to the Brabus tuning, Fostla has the convertible in a flashy one Foil in the color “Olea Green” wrapped. the rims shimmer in contrasting gold, which makes the appearance of the AMG even more impressive. The background to the additional modifications: Fostla is an official Brabus partner in Hanover and as such is entitled to lend a hand on the cars.

The V8 engine retains the standard output

Brabus S63 Cabriolet from FOSTLA.DE

The steering wheel got a new rim made of microfiber and carbon. The paddles are also made of carbon fiber.

Brabus refined the interior with illuminated door sills, door pins, carbon paddles and special floor mats, among other things. Except for a lowering by modification of the Air suspension Everything stayed the same under the sheet metal: he works at the front Four-liter twin-turbo V8 M177 with 612 hp and 900 Nm torque. So the all-wheel drive sprints in 3.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h; continue with the drivers package up to 300 km / h.

Used AMG S-Classes with guarantee

On request, Brabus also realizes significantly more steam. With new turbochargers, special software and other measures, up to 800 hp and 1000 Nm torque are possible. Immense, but probably not enough to hold a candle to the upcoming top SL with V8 hybrid. But in terms of luxury, it should once worth almost 190,000 euros S-class Convertible even then still be at the forefront.

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