Mercedes-AMG SL (2021): Leak reveals two important details

Leak reveals two important details of the new model

The new Mercedes SL will be a real AMG! In the eighth generation of the roadster, as a 2 + 2-seater and with a classic fabric roof, it will again be significantly sportier than its predecessor. The SL, known internally as R 232, is currently in the final test phase. Now the roadster has been leaked! The photo was published on the cochespias Instagram page and was apparently taken during an internal presentation. It’s quite out of focus and the car is not completely photographed, but two important details can be seen. On the one hand there is this Shape of the headlights. They are significantly narrower and longer than their predecessor, which gives the new SL a certain aggressiveness. Number two concerns them rims. The black specimens in the picture seem to have a central lock.
The most important additional information about the new SL at a glance:
● new SL developed by Mercedes-AMG
● R 232 is becoming lighter and sportier
● Return to the fabric roof
● Interior with large displays
● All-wheel drive for the SL for the first time
● SL 73 e 4Matic + as an 800 hp top model
● Market launch in early 2022

Optics: The new Mercedes-AMG SL is getting smaller

Mercedes had previously published official pictures showing two prototypes of the upcoming SL during tests on the Arctic Circle. The photos clearly show that the new SL is a whole corner smaller is called the R 231. Platform donor for the new SL will be the AMG GT. The abbreviation SL actually stands for “super-light”. The SL has recently been a long way from that. So that the eighth generation can slim down, Mercedes is going back to the classic fabric roof, which replaces the elaborate vario roof of the R 231. In addition, the pictures show that the bonnet of the new SL is pulled significantly further down. Of course, the SL is also allowed to Panamericana grill not missing. It gets interesting at the rear: In addition to the electrically retractable spoiler lip, different exhaust systems can be seen. The roadster with the black fabric roof has four round tailpipes, while the SL with the red roof has four angular exhaust tips. That could give an indication of the engines.
Mercedes SL

The new SL is already in the advanced stage of testing.

Interior: SL cockpit comes with large displays

AMG has already shown the first pictures of the roadster interior and confirms the previous assumption: The SL is getting large displays for instrument cluster and infotainment. This is different from the Mercedes C-Class or S-Class 12.3-inch instrument cluster but not free behind the wheel, it disappears under a cover. This should protect against sunlight from above when the 2 + 2 is being driven open. For this reason, the The tilt of the 11.9-inch touchscreen in the center console can be electrically adjusted. The system is the usual MBUX infotainment, supplemented by AMG-specific content. Visually, the SL combines different design elements from other vehicles bearing the star.
Mercedes-AMG SL interior. !!! EMBARGO: July 14, 2021; 00: 01h !!!

The instrument cluster is located under a cover on the SL. That makes a noble impression.

Even the seats are a design element

The center console is reminiscent of the AMG GT 4-door, the dashboard a bit of the C-Class. However, the ventilation nozzles are still round and have curved turbine blades as air guide elements. The seats should be designed to be either sporty or comfortable, if desired. They are clearly to be seen as a design element. The elaborate quilting in the photos will probably only be reserved for models with ventilation; but it shows what is possible. The typical Mercedes air vents in the head restraint (“Air Curtain”) are of course also a good form in the SL and keep the occupants warm in the neck area even in autumn temperatures.

After more than 30 years there are back seats again

For the first time since 1989 there is a new generation in the SL Seats behind the driver and front passenger. According to Mercedes, they should only people up to 1.50 m tall Find a place in the second row, but as an emergency solution, the two places can at least offer a little more everyday use. Even without children on the back seat, the space gained is certainly practical and allows small parts to be stowed away quickly without going to the trunk.


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Engines: Mercedes SL 73 e as an 800 hp top model?

One thing is already clear: the new SL will exclusively as an AMG version to be available. At AMG, the 43/53 models are characterized by four round tailpipes. Accordingly, a SL 43 could form the basic version. The square tailpipe trims are normally reserved for the 63 models. Whether Mercedes-AMG, however, still on the Four-liter V8 biturbo is not quite sure yet. While the upcoming C 63 will be a plug-in hybrid with four-cylinder, the loss of prestige in the SL without a V8 might be too great. In addition, the Top model SL 73 e speculates that this should rely on an electrified version of the V8 biturbo with up to 800 hp.
Mercedes SL-Class Roadster AMG !! ILLUSTRATION !!

Illustration: The new Mercedes-AMG SL could come onto the market in late autumn 2021.

Mercedes-AMG SL comes with fully variable all-wheel drive

This would mean that Mercedes would revive the 73 abbreviation after a good 20 years – albeit without V12, because a twelve-cylinder, like the last one in the SL 600 and SL 65, will definitely no longer exist in the R 232. AUTO BILD assumes that the SL will be offered with engines ranging from the SL 43 (367 hp) to the SL 73 e (800 hp). A plug-in hybrid with the drive from the new, 558 hp C 63 is also quite conceivable. There is also an absolute novelty in the SL: For the first time, the Roadster is also being offered with the fully variable 4Matic + all-wheel drive. (AUTO BILD summer tire test 2021: more than 50 tires in comparison)

Prices: The new Mercedes-AMG SL will start at 100,000 euros

The premiere of the 2 + 2-seater is planned for autumn 2021, the Launch will probably follow in early 2022. There is still no information on the price of the new SL. The predecessor was last available as a 367 hp SL 400 from around 100,000 euros, the 530 hp AMG GT Roadster costs at least 136,178 euros. AUTO BILD assumes that the R 232 will be at will start a good 100,000 euros – depending on which entry-level engine Mercedes ultimately decides.

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