Mercedes-AMG SL R232 (2022): The new edition has changed so radically

Market launch in 2022 from around 140,000 euros

Of the new SL becomes a real AMG! Because the eighth generation of Mercedes’ oldest series was developed in Affalterbach from the start. So the roadster is called 2 + 2 seater and with a classic fabric roof significantly sportier than its predecessor, from which it does not adopt a single component. To the Market launch in early 2022 there will be a V8 in two power levels. The SL 55 has 476 PS, the SL 63 to 585 PS. Both are, a novelty with the SL, exclusively with 4Matic + all-wheel drive to have. Mercedes has not yet revealed prices. AUTO BILD suspects that it is initially at around 140,000 euros should start.


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The most important information about the new SL at a glance:
● new SL developed by Mercedes-AMG
● R 232 is getting sportier
● Return to the fabric roof
● Interior with large displays
● All-wheel drive for the SL for the first time
● Prices from approx. 140,000 euros
● Market launch in early 2022

Larger but sportier than its predecessor

The new SL generation is unrecognizable. It still takes over from the predecessors long bonnet, but nothing more. The R232 appears much more dynamic longer wheelbase and shorter overhangs, which makes it appear optically more compact – although it does seven inches longer has become than its predecessor. The front impresses with narrow headlights and the typical AMG Panamericana grill. Underneath there is a jagged apron with grilles in the style of the AMG GT 63 S E-Performance. On request is a Aero package available with flics and a larger rear diffuser. There are in the wheelhouses rims in six designs between 19 and 21 inches. At the rear, S-Class-like tail lights, an electrically extendable, active spoiler and four trapezoidal tailpipes stand out. With its rounded, reduced shape, the rear end is more reminiscent of AMG GT than the predecessor SL.
Mercedes-AMG SL !! BLOCKING PERIOD October 28, 2021 4:00 p.m. !!

S-Class-like tail lights, an electrically extendable spoiler and four trapezoidal tailpipes characterize the rear.

There is a fabric hood again

The biggest novelty besides the retractable door handles is the Return to the soft top, that I Open up to 50 km / h in 15 seconds and closes. It provides a sportier look and saves 21 kilograms in weight compared to the metal folding roof. Nevertheless, the R232 is with just under two tons empty weight heavier than its predecessor.

Luxurious interior with lots of optional sportiness

The SL gets large displays for instrument cluster and infotainment. This is different from the Mercedes C-Class or S-Class 12.3-inch instrument cluster but not free behind the wheel, but disappears under a cover. This should protect against sunlight from above when driving open. For this reason, the The 11.9-inch touchscreen in the center console can be tilted electrically by 30 degrees. The system is the usual MBUX infotainment, supplemented by AMG-specific content.
Mercedes-AMG SL !! BLOCKING PERIOD October 28, 2021 4:00 p.m. !!

The tilt of the large touchscreen can be adjusted so that it does not reflect when the vehicle is open.

More sportiness from the option list

Basically, the SL interior tends towards luxury. Comfortable seats with ventilation and a neck blow dryer, Burmeister sound system and lots of leather with decorative stitching make life pleasant. But if you let off steam in the surcharge list, you can also pull the trump card. Performance bucket seats, Carbon inlays, Alcantara covers, red belts and more then brush the SL on sport. AMG-specific displays, track pace for vehicle analysis and driving mode switches are always on board. With the latter you can up to six different driving programs be selected.

New generation again with two jump seats

For the first time since the R129, the SL is back on 2 + 2 seater. However, the rear seats are only up to a height of 1.50 meters approved, which in fact only makes them suitable for children. They are a practical gain, especially as an extended luggage rack, if the maximum 240 liters trunk volume once shouldn’t be enough.

Mercedes-AMG SL !! BLOCKING PERIOD October 28, 2021 4:00 p.m. !!

The trunk of a roadster is naturally not large: 240 liters fit in the new SL.

Two biturbo V8s make the start

At the market launch, the AMG SL will only be available with Four-liter twin-turbo V8 to be had. There are two performance levels to choose from. The entry marks the SL 55 with 476 PS and 700 Nm torque. Above that stands the SL 63 with 585 PS and 800 Nm torque, whereby the increase in performance comes about by means of modified engine software and more boost pressure. The stronger one manages the standard sprint in 3.6 seconds, and the top speed is reached at 315 km / h. Active engine mounts are installed in the 63 series, which are optional for the 55 series. The power transmission takes place as standard via Nine-speed Speedshift automatic. Is on board with both V8s and for the first time with the SL All wheel drive. The 4Matic + system connects the front axle via an electromechanical coupling in a fully variable and needs-based manner.

Four-cylinder and plug-in hybrids are likely to follow

Little by little, other drives will probably follow. Twelve and six cylinders are excluded. Instead are likely to go down Four-cylinder, possibly from A 45 and the new C 63 to round off the range. There are rumors of an over for further up the shelf 800 PS strong top model with the plug-in hybrid from the GT 63 S E-Performance. Will that actually happen? One could certainly imagine adapting the system for the SL, says Mercedes. In marketing parlance, that means: Rejoice!
Mercedes-AMG SL !! BLOCKING PERIOD October 28, 2021 4:00 p.m. !!

Rumor has it that the top model will be a plug-in hybrid with over 800 hp. Six and twelve cylinders are excluded.

The platform will donate the next AMG GT

The new SL is based on one Aluminum structure, which the next AMG GT will also use. The new bodyshell should offer a lot of rigidity and high driving dynamics. When asked by AUTO BILD, AMG still left uncommented whether and which parts could already give an outlook on the GT successor. The fact is, however, that the Coupé will become even more dynamic than the SL. He already brings a lot of performance goodies with him, but should still be able to provide comfort despite increased sportiness.

Active chassis with roll stabilization

A comes in the SL 63 Active chassis with roll stabilization for use. This should not only improve the dynamics, but also contribute to the comfort chapter. Conventional coil springs are built into the SL 55, combined with adjustable dampers. This is also optional here, which is standard on the SL 63 Limited slip differential on the rear axle. Always on board is the active rear-axle steering with a 2.5 degree steering angle, which reduces the turning circle and at the same time stabilizes the handling in bends.

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