Mercedes and AMG from 2022 to 2024: an overview of all the new ones!

Mercedes is gradually converting its portfolio to fully electric vehicles. From 2025, there will only be new electric platforms from Stuttgart, in the same year they want directly three new architectures introduce:

MB.EA will be the basis for medium-sized to large models in the future.
AMG.EA is reserved for the sports brand and is designed for particularly high performance.
VAN.EA is the substructure for the next generation of electric vans and commercial vehicles.


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No fixed date for the combustion engine farewell

However, unlike other manufacturers, they do not say when Mercedes should completely end the combustion engine. Instead, the automaker makes this point in time dependent on the market. “We will be ready when the markets switch completely to electric cars by the end of the decade,” said Mercedes boss Ola Källenius. Because more electric cars also mean more batteries, Mercedes wants to develop a new, standardized generation of batteries. This should be used in 90 percent of future vehicles. In order to produce sufficient battery cells, eight giant factories are to be built with partners around the world.

These three models will become important in the years to come:

1. Mercedes-AMG SL – a real sports car again
Shortly before its premiere on October 28, 2021, the new SL now leaked again. The pictures were posted on cars_secrets Instagram account and show that the look of the first SL developed by AMG changes fundamentally towards sport. Although it retains the long hood, it has the typical attributes such as the Panamericana grill, narrow headlights and sporty aprons. At the rear, of course, with a diffuser and four sporty tailpipes.

2. Mercedes EQG – combustion dinosaur goes electric
The development of electromobility is not bypassing a veteran either. With a study at the IAA 2021 in Munich, Mercedes showed how the electric G-Class is imagined in Stuttgart. The design is based closely on the icon, which has hardly changed so far. One also wants to save the terrain skills in the new times, Locks, reduction and the like are therefore retained – All-wheel drive is of course set! The good news: The combustion version will remain in the portfolio for the time being and will be offered in parallel.
3. Mercedes GLC – remains optically true
The Tiguan competitor will enter the second round in 2022, and it will remain true to its looks. The design will be adapted, but big leaps are not to be expected. In the interior, the center console could, as in the S-Class, of one big screen be taken. Under the hood we expect the C-Class engines, so exclusively electrified four-cylinder. Accordingly, the manual transmission should also be abolished in the SUV, instead the 9G-Tronic automatic transmission is standard.

AUTO BILD shows all Mercedes innovations up to 2024 in the picture gallery!

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New Mercedes and AMG (2021, 2022, 2023, 2024)

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