Mercedes-Benz 300 SE (W 126): affordable S-Class with H

Actually, the three terms classic car, reason and luxury vehicle do not go together. But with this S-Class for sale, there could be a logical intersection. Because of the basic data, the silver W 126 is down-to-earth: Motorized with the durable six-in-line engine, the car offers superior S-Class gliding without the risk of regular shocks at the gas station. The fixed costs should be manageable, especially thanks to the present H license plate report, especially since the seller’s asking price does not seem to be too unrealistic, who demands 6350 euros for the accident-free third-party vehicle. (Click here for the insurance calculator)

Mercedes-Benz 300 SE W 126 on eBay

eBay Mercedes Benz S Class W126

No automatic transmission! This classic S-Class from the W 126 series is shifted manually.

180 hp Benz with a mileage of 260,000 km

It is therefore worth taking a closer look at the engine performance, the condition of the vehicle and the maintenance history. Could this car entice a classic car enthusiast to move up the ranks? First of all, the mileage: The six-in-line with 180 hp has almost 260,000 km down, which should not be a problem given the long-lasting reputation of the engine, a rather rare manual switch. Thanks to the five-speed gearbox, consumption should also be easier to control than with the frequently encountered automatic. The advertisement says a new clutch, although it is unclear whether the part is already installed or just included. The varnish, which is beautiful according to the seller, is actually reflected in the photos.
eBay Mercedes Benz S Class W126

The in-line six-cylinder under the long hood of the 300 SE delivers 180 hp and is considered to be pleasingly robust.

Rather clear equipment, but leather seats

The first owner didn’t make too many crosses when it came to equipment. Leather seats with seat heating, rear headrests, tinted glass. Plus aluminum wheels, root wood and a detachable trailer hitch. The built-in air conditioning is currently not working, an interested party should take this into account. The right cheek of the driver’s seat is cracked, and the seat surface also indicates the mileage of the car. The saddler or conditioner will soon be waiting.

The type-specific rust-prone jacking points and the rear window frame should be without findings, which can be clarified quickly during the sales pitch. The reference to a grazing damage at the back right, which can hardly be seen on the photos, speaks for the sincerity of the seller. A closer look is worthwhile here, as is the case with the cracked chrome of the bumpers according to the advertisement.

Mercedes-Benz 300 SE W 126 on eBay

eBay Mercedes Benz S Class W126

In the pictures in the ad, the Daimler looks well cared for. Is he too? The visit clears that up.

Necessary questions for the seller

For a collector, this S-Class might have a little too much mileage, but it could be an everyday classic for an enthusiast who has a garage and still has some budget for maintenance and minor upcoming repairs. Or maybe you are looking for a third classic car?

Finally, the question remains whether the seller is flexible on the price? In the ad he speaks of a fixed price, but he advertises the vehicle on a popular trading platform for a hundred euros less. So there should be at least a little wiggle room.

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