Mercedes-Benz 420 SEL (W 126): S-Class in great condition?

In the dictionary, next to the term “timeless elegance”, there should be a picture of the Mercedes S-Class of the W 126 series instead of a text. The second generation of the large Daimler, built between 1979 and autumn 1991, was so successful by its designer Bruno Sacco that even more than 30 years after the end of the construction period, enthusiasts still can’t get enough of the Executive Benz of the 1980s.
So it’s a good thing that a 420 SEL of this type from 1986 is currently being offered for sale on eBay. The car boasts a smoked silver exterior and a brown leather interior. According to the description, the Mercedes is in excellent condition. The price tag says 25,900 euros.

Mercedes 420 SEL (W 126) on eBay

eBay Mercedes Benz W126 SEL 420

The Mercedes is currently in Poland near Warsaw. According to the seller, this is not a problem.

The offered Mercedes is located in Poland

If you take a look at the pictures in the ad, you will probably quickly notice the Polish license plates on the car. And indeed, according to the description, the Mercedes is near Warsaw. But the seller sees no problem in that. He is happy to help with any questions. Registering a car bought in Poland in Germany is not a drama. Poland is an EU country.
eBay Mercedes Benz W126 SEL 420

The photos in the advert show a very neat interior. Of course this needs to be checked.

The description is relatively flowery and hardly goes into technical details. It is not clear why this is the case. However, the fact calls for a thorough examination of the vehicle and its history if you are interested. This also includes a visit to Poland.
For the moment, the Daimler lures with the photos in the ad. They show a really nice car. At first glance there are no signs of wear, not to mention any damage. The Mercedes appears to be in excellent shape and could be a really good catch.
eBay Mercedes Benz W126 SEL 420

Here you can still travel very luxuriously even after 36 years. The leather reminds the seller of fine tobacco.

Interested parties should know this before buying this W 126

But for that the Benz has to be as good as the advert suggests. In addition to the promised condition and the beautiful pictures, the Mercedes knows how to convince with a number of qualities: It is a long version. This means that the rear seat bench can be moved electronically in the best case. Built in 1986, this W 126 belongs to the second series. This is considered to be generally more mature.
The 420 SEL may bring a little less prestige than the famous top version 560 SEL. But the “small” V8 should not be underestimated. He has power en masse, even today it easily cracks 200 km/h, but consumes a little less than its big brother.

Mercedes 420 SEL (W 126) on eBay

The S-Class W 126 is not immune to rust. The jacking points and the rear window frame are probably the best-known spots. But the brown plague can also nibble heavily on other corners. The electronics should be checked thoroughly. Bitches are possible and can cost a lot of money if the worst comes to the worst.
After all, a W 126 is not for penny pinchers. Bodywork and technology are easy to master with the necessary knowledge and the support of experts. Spare parts are available for the second series almost as quickly as for a new car. But the Daimler is a luxury car. As such, it cannot be maintained with the same amounts as a small city runabout.

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