Mercedes-Benz ML 500: Well-maintained ML with AMG package

MercedesBenz was one of the inventors of the vehicle class SUV. 1998 came the first generation of the in Europe M-class on the market, a new one at the time crossing the end Off-road vehicle and Car. This “Sports Utility Vehicle“should the Comfort a limousine with a high Sitting position, Pulling skills and usable Terrain characteristics connect to be the ideal partner for leisure time.
At the beginning of its term, the first suffered in the United States produced Mercedes still on Quality problems. Mercedes could only do this with a comprehensive one Facelift for the year 2002 To remedy the situation. Such a FaceliftML is currently at eBay for sale. And the Mercedes on offer isn’t just an ML. According to the information, it is a very well-kept one ML 500 with AMGpackage. Price: 9999 euros.

Mercedes ML 500 with AMG package on eBay

eBay Mercedes ML 500 AMG

The advertised Mercedes ML 500 has a contemporary AMG package and is in full service.

Mercedes ML with little everyday service

The first thing on the display are those pictures on. You show one SUV, which – as far as the photos can tell – apparently in one very good State is located. At first glance, neither are Damage still unsightly Signs of use to recognize. That fits with the description of the seller. Accordingly, the ML 500 stands Top there. He was checkbook maintained, is according to the seller accident free, could always be in one garage parked and didn’t have to as Towing vehicle ran. Stand on the speedometer 197,000 kilometers. Even the cream-colored one Interior decoration looks good. In addition, the seller points out that the ML when Previous owner was treated with care.
eBay Mercedes ML 500 AMG

Even the brightly furnished interior looks really good at first glance.

The complete Board folder with Checkbook and two Folding keys is available. the Equipment list is long. Apparently apart from one Auxiliary heating everything possible on board in its time. The Daimler seems to have undergone the necessary maintenance recently. Of the TÜV has just been renewed. the Brake pads front are fresh and one Oil change also existed. In October 2021, the seller finally – as he says – prophylactically that AGR valve and the Brake light switch have it swapped.
eBay Mercedes ML 500 AMG

The car was not used as a towing vehicle and was otherwise treated with care.

You should know that about the ML before buying

Anyone interested in the ML 500 on offer should first be aware of the fact that Luxury cars like this complex technology have on board. It is usually not cheap to maintain, it has to be prescribed care but absolutely have. Otherwise it will only get more expensive in the long term. The specified Mileage is for the 500sEight-cylinder A piece of cake from Mercedes of this model year, if he has received the necessary attention. The description in the ad suggests this. But that doesn’t replace the on-site check. An extensive one Test drive is also recommended. The car does a lot weight on the scale and has a very strong one engine under the hood. You know the state of transmission and axles best before buying.
That the Three-valve V8 with 292 PS by modern standards not as template at thrift goes through should be clear. Nevertheless, the future owner should have that on the slip. Of the TÜVtester will probably be the function of the Parking brake check. It could break with the first ML. Finally, if you want to be on the safe side, check them out steering on possible game.

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