Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: this Sprinter turned into a beautiful camper

the Mercedes sprinter is much more than just a Transporter. The fast-paced Stuttgarter is for Pack donkeysynonym become absolute and has like that VW golf its vehicle class rubber stamp pressed on. Who is borrowing for you today move or one Bulk purchase at the Swedish fitter minibus? No one! The vernacular knows that you need a sprinter.
But you can’t just use the popular Daimler for work. You can also go with him in the holidays drive. It only takes a little for that creativity and something craftsmanship skill. Then an average crate-Sprinter an extraordinary Camper. This is exactly what happened to the Sprinter L1 H2, which is currently being offered for sale on eBay. Price: 42,999 euros.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter as a motorhome on eBay

eBay Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The space in the interior has been cleverly used. Everything you need for camping is on board.

According to the seller, the Sprinter is in great condition

The seller describes his Sprinter as second hand, but in one very good Status. the photos in the ad support this statement. The car looks like it at first glance very groomed. Damage or noteworthy Signs of use are not visible. the First registration took place in June 2016. the Mileage is according to the information 60,700. The next appointment at TÜV is written in October 2022 on. So there are still around ten months of credit left. the 114 PS strength diesel According to the description, meets the emissions standard Euro 6th. Above all, the City dwellers among the possible interested parties. For this clientele it could also be interesting that the Benz one short wheelbase has and as special agile and suitable for the city is described.
With a full tank of fuel and a load, the car will bring you around 2.7 tons on the scales. This means that it can also be driven with the current driver’s license. The equipment of the base vehicle already includes a navigation system and a backup camera. In addition, there is practically everything you really need for camping: one Auxiliary heating, a sun shade sail, a CoolFreezer and a Solar system with 100 Ah lithium battery, to name just the most important highlights. the bike rack in the rear garage can be pulled out. the Water tank holds 64 liters. The extendable bed is 140 cm wide and 175 cm long.
eBay Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

At first glance, the Sprinter looks very neat. With its short wheelbase, it fits into the city.

What you should know about the Sprinter before buying

the legendary reputation of Mercedes Sprinter is no accident. in the daily use he not only delights with his Pack talent and his, if desired, very much powerful engines. He drives secure and Fits comfortably in your hand, also the Suspension comfort like. And then it has features like that Crosswind Assistantthat brakes individual wheels in a targeted manner when gusts of wind are at work. Mercedes Sprinter are basically very robust vehicles and endure a lot. Yet they are not indestructible.
the Maintenance condition should make the difference when buying. handyman– or Courier vehicles became mostly not spared and may have left clear marks. One detailed inspection, a detailed Test drive, one Visit on the stage, one Look in the checkbook and a conversation with the seller are recommended. If you have the opportunity, you should also use the Fault memory read out. Is there something wrong? Engine or gearbox of sprinter not it can annoying and expensive will. Such error but don’t have to dramatic cause to have. A Marten bite into the wrong cable is sufficient.

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