Mercedes C 220 CDI T-Model (W 204): dream Benz for connoisseurs

If it’s for the perfect Second hand automobile one recipe If there were, it would probably look like this: Take one Mercedes C class of the series W 204. the third generation the mid-range Mercedes has in Testing and at TÜV clearly demonstrated that it can be a reliable partner in all situations. the editorial staff from AUTOMOBILE IMAGE can literally tell you a thing or two about it. We have that with a C-Class of this type very best experiences did. But more on that later.
For anyone who isn’t near one Diesel driving ban zone live is that C 220 CDI With 170 hp a top choice. the Compression ignition makes the Benz fast, sticks to Fuel consumption but pleasant back and allows so great Ranges. The clever one then stops after a vehicle out of the Vehicle fleet one authority Look out. Why? Because the likelihood is high that these cars Top groomed were and each Maintenance interval is exactly understandable.

Mercedes C 220 CDI T-model on eBay

eBay Mercedes Benz C 220 CDI

The Daimler makes a very good impression on the photos in the ad, both outside and inside.

This Mercedes C 220 CDI fulfills all desired criteria and more

Exactly such a car is currently available eBay for 7390 Euro for sale. It’s about a C 220 CDI T model in Gray of the year 2009, that 2020 of the police was discarded. Stand on the speedometer 212,000 kilometre. There are a few on board Equipment details. The list starts at CD changer and ends at one Climate control and Parking sensors. As a special extra, a Auxiliary heating listed by Webasto! There are also security features such as a Alarm system and a Immobilizer. On top of that there is the big one hands-free device With Speakers and Microphones left and right.
eBay Mercedes Benz C 220 CDI

Important information for city dwellers: the 170 hp diesel under the hood only manages Euro 5.

The Benz is according to the information accident free and checkbook maintained. TÜV he has until November 2022. The saleswoman writes that everything on the car was exchanged that can only be exchanged. This probably refers to the time at which she acquired the vehicle. After that, the Benz got another one anyway Protective plate for the oil pan, one trailer hitch, a new battery, one Steering lock locking, an airbag service and a new one alternator. This work was all at Mercedes accomplished. Known weaknesses are a damaged Disguise on the belt buckle at the rear right, one Visual impairment on the windshield, one Dent in the driver’s door and front tiresthat should be exchanged soon.
Mercedes C-Class 180 Supercharger

This Mercedes C 180 compressor of the W 204 series has unwound more than 500,000 km in the endurance test.

You should know that about the Mercedes W 204 before buying

Interested parties can inquire about the exemplary reliability the C class of the W 204 series. A C 180 compressor has been in the endurance test at AUTO BILD more than 500,000 kilometers unwound. the C class asked for one just before this mark Timing chain kit and a new one catalyst. at Mileage 400,000 the editorial staff granted the Daimler new ones Shock absorbers and a processing, at 300,000 were the Timing chain included Camshaft adjuster and the Starter due. At 200,000 kilometers it was also the Kat. Despite its great age, the Benz masters every task without complaint. The Lack of electronic helpers on board excludes errors and contributes to the manageable Number of workshop visits.
Also the TÜV is with the C-Class model series W 204 satisfied. Your strength lies in the brisk Slide. He can do that W 204 even with the smallest engine. Technically he’s one comprehensive facelift of the rusting predecessor W 203 with a noticeably better one quality. Problems there are only a few. the Foot parking brake can sometimes solve sluggishly. Both Series 651 diesels was able to do it at first Problems with the timing chain and leaking injectors come. At a W 204 like the one advertised, the Wishbones and the Coupling rods be checked – they might be knocked out. the Headlights should also be checked. You bitch from the eleventh year. From the seventh year onwards, the Brake lines one W 204 roast. Here, too, should be offered C 220 CDI be looked at. The test chapter environment also close older ones C classes without complaints.

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