Mercedes C-Class T-Model (2021): That costs the station wagon

Order start for the C-Class Estate on March 30, 2021

A new generation of Mercedes C-Class also means: There is a new T-model of the mid-range Mercedes. The station wagon (T-model) has been a permanent fixture since the start of the series. In Germany with particular success, because the T-Model recently made up two thirds of all C-Class models sold.

Mercedes C-Class T-model with discount at

That should probably be no different with the new generation S 206 – according to the internal construction code – which has been with dealers since June 2021. Prices start at 43,316 euros. All prices of the Mercedes C-Class T-Model at a glance:

● Mercedes C 180 T model from 43,316 euros
● Mercedes C 200 d T-model from 46,351 euros
● Mercedes C 200 T model from 46,975 euros
● Mercedes C 220 d T-model from 49,355 euros
● Mercedes C 300 d T-Model from 53,967 euros

Mercedes C-Class T-Model

The new Mercedes C-Class station wagon has the internal construction code S 206.

Comparative test: T-model competes against A4 Avant and 3 Series Touring

As a sedan with a petrol engine, the Benz was able to overtake the BMW 3 Series in the first test. Now the C-Class T-Model with top diesel has to compete against the Audi A4 Avant and BMW 3 Series Touring. All with electrified diesels that scratch the 300 hp mark. While the competition has six cylinders, the C-Class station wagon has to make do with two less. You can find out whether this will become a handicap with AUTO BILDplus.

The C-Class gets by with just 5.3 liters per 100 kilometers

First of all: All three station wagons shake off any middle-class stink and are real dream cars in our eyes: super-fast, with a bearish draft and a sparrow-like thirst. With 7.1 liters, the injectors of the 286 hp three-liter six-cylinder in the all-wheel drive A4 pour the most generously. Half a liter less is enough for the 330d, also with a three-liter six-cylinder, 286 hp and all-wheel drive. And the C 300 d, the only one with four-cylinder, rear-wheel drive (4Matic not yet available) and nominally a little weaker 265 hp, skimpy with an impressive 5.3 liters through the test. The range is over 1200 kilometers and there is growing awareness that downsizing can be really effective.
BMW 330d xDrive Touring Audi A4 Avant 50 TDI Mercedes C-Class 300 d T-Model

The C-Class proves that downsizing can be effective. One tank of fuel is enough for more than 1200 kilometers.

In terms of sound, the six-cylinder units are ahead

However, the cylinder six-packs are simply nicer for the ears. Even the slightly rough running mono-turbo V6 of the Audi pulls the corner of our mouth upwards when it works its way through the long geared gears. The 330d enchants as an (almost) perfectly coordinated unit consisting of an always attentive eight-speed automatic and a smooth-sounding row six with a belt starter generator that pushes with an additional eight kilowatts. In the C-Class, the integrated starter generator has an output of 15 kW. and the biturbo nails the old taxi four-cylinder blues. After all, well insulated, stored as soft as butter and quite cultivated.

The T-model stands out in terms of comfort

When it comes to performance, the Benz really only lags slightly behind its six-cylinder rival. And when it comes to comfort, the C-Class, standing at 18-Zox308; l learners (655 euros), stands out, simulates the air suspension of the predecessor, which is no longer available, with soft cotton feathers. The small downer is that the rather strong body movements on poorly paved roads can almost lead to seasickness in sensitive people. Recommendation: The adaptive chassis (1071 euros) has two harder levels ready, so there is the right setting for every stomach. Despite the 19-inch tires (730 euros) and M chassis (600 euros) The test 3 series surprises with its balanced chassis setup. It is very tight, but no longer as stressful and hard as the specimens that used to be equipped with M chassis. On top of that, its body is well processed and, in contrast to the A4 and C-Class, remains largely crack-free and rattle-free on cobblestones. The Audi also bounces pleasantly with 19-inch wheels (1850 euros) and its adjustable S-chassis (1030 euros), But the Avant is the most petulant of the edges. The A4 and 3 Series slide out of the curves more dynamically – thanks in part to their rear axle locks (Audi 1350 euros, BMW 1400 euros). But with the rear-axle steering (1250 euros), the C-Class offers by far the handiest driving experience. And an extremely small turning circle.
Audi A4 Avant 50 TDI BMW 330d xDrive Touring Mercedes C-Class 300 d T-Model

The A4 and 3 Series slide out of the bends more dynamically, but thanks to rear-axle steering, the Benz is the easiest to handle.

Test car prices are all over 60,000 euros

The list includes the Mercedes C 300 d T-model with test equipment at 63,263 euros, Audi charges the A4 Avant 50 TDI at 63,920 euros and BMW the 330d Touring at 66,630 euros. With the – all of them very proud – prices, the dream cars don’t take much.

Conclusion: the C-Class Estate is the clear winner

Without any real weaknesses and with a high degree of efficiency and comfort, it is easy for the Mercedes to set itself apart from the rest of the field, as its cultivated drive and good operation do not help the BMW in second place either. The Audi is a bit behind in third place due to its age, but it looks very routine. Nothing has changed in the familiar and high practicality of the T-Model. And with the new operating system, the frugal four-cylinder and the handy rear-axle steering, the C-Class wins the comparison against the A4 Avant and 3 Series Touring.

A decent plus in the C-Class trunk

The T-model is visually identical to the sedan (W 206) up to the B-pillar. Also the Station wagon is getting longer – The S 206 has 49 millimeters more. As in the sedan, the wheelbase has grown by 25 millimeters and the width by 10 millimeters. The station wagon also loses height in favor of the sporty line, but the loss is a touch less; In the interior section we clarify whether this has any effect on the space available. There is a significant plus in the trunk volume: the new generation offers both with the rear seat bench up and down 30 liters more storage space. The dimensions at a glance:

Length: 4751 mm (+49 mm)
Broad: 1820 mm (+10 mm)
Height: 1455 mm (-7 mm)
Wheelbase: 2865 mm (+25 mm)
Trunk volume: 490 l / 1510 l (+30 l / + 30 l)

You don’t need more space than in the C-Class station wagon

Mercedes C-Class T-Model

The new C-Class T-Model shares the cockpit with the sedan, of course.

The new cockpit structure of the sedan can of course also be found in the C-Class T-Model. Specifically, that means: screen arrangement as in the new S-Class. A display up to 12.3 inches in front of the steering wheel (series: 10.25 inches) and one up to 11.9 inches (series: 9.5 inches), upright central display for infotainment, which protrudes slightly to the left from the center console. the Space conditions for driver and passenger are very good; the new cockpit architecture and the slim interior door panels create an airy atmosphere and give the C-Class a sporty touch. With the new central monitor, the central infotainment control island is no longer necessary, which contributes to the tidy impression. In short: Most people probably don’t need more space than in the C-Class, even when driving long distances every day.


Mercedes C 300 4Matic

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And with that we move back a row: Here, too, you sit very well in the new C-Class – in the T-model even a tad better than in the sedan. Due to the wagon body, the roof does not drop off as much, and there is plenty of room for improvement on the rear seat bench as well. Even with a body length of 1.95 meters you can stretch out confidently and still not bump into anything – that is not a matter of course in the middle class either. Long journeys on the back seat of the C-Class T-Model? Nothing stands in the way of that. There is also a four-zone automatic air conditioning so that the right and left rear can also be tempered according to your own preferences.

Mercedes C-Class T-Model

There is up to 35 millimeters more knee room in the rear. For the seat test, the driver’s seat was set to a 1.95-meter driver.

Mercedes has electrified all diesel and gasoline engines

The engine selection for the new C-Class station wagon corresponds to that of the sedan portfolio. Basically stand three petrol engines with 170, 204 and 258 hp to select. For the two more powerful engines, Mercedes offers all-wheel drive as an option. Even with the Diesel engines it applies three variants to choose: The smallest diesel is the C 200 d with 163 hpto rank above C 220 d (200 PS, optionally also with all-wheel drive) and the C 300 d with 265 hp. Regardless of the type of fuel, all engines are linked to a nine-speed automatic and have a 15 kW integrated starter generator that boosts torque with 200 Nm, lets the C-Class coast and recuperates when braking. In addition, Mercedes is already announcing one for the station wagon Plug-in hybrid drive to the C 300 e. With a system output of 313 HP and a purely electrical output of 129 HP, according to WLTP it should be able to drive up to 100 kilometers without using the combustion engine.

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