Mercedes C-Class W 206 (2021): Base price over 40,000 euros

● New Mercedes C-Class starts at over 40,000 euros
● The sedan and station wagon now only have four-cylinder engines
● Connectivity (MBUX) and rear-axle steering as in the S-Class

New Mercedes C-Class costs over 40,000 euros

The Mercedes C-Class is the bestseller in Daimler’s car division. The mid-range Mercedes is entering its fifth generation of models with the W 206 series. The 2021 C-Class will be bigger, sportier in styling and will always come up as a mild hybrid with four cylinders in the future. The expectations are high, because the predecessor sold 2.5 million times worldwide, making it the most important volume model from Mercedes. Of course, the new generation will also be available as a T-model (station wagon) in addition to the sedan variant – in Germany two thirds of the C-class station wagons are. Since Market launch in June 2021 the new C-Class has to be measured against the traditional competitors Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series.


Mercedes C 300 4Matic

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The prices of the new C-Class at a glance:

Gasoline engine
● Mercedes C 180 from 41,138 euros (T-model from 43,316 euros)
● Mercedes C 200 from 44,798 euros (T-model from 46,975 euros)
● Mercedes C 200 4Matic from 47,178 euros
● Mercedes C 300 from 47,892 euros
● Mercedes C 300 4Matic from 50,272 euros

● Mercedes C 200 d from 44,173 euros (T-model from 46,351 euros
● Mercedes C 220 d from 47,178 euros (T-model from 49,355 euros)
● Mercedes C 220 d 4Matic from 49,558 euros (T-model from 51,735 euros)
● Mercedes C 300 d from 51,789 euros (T-model from 53,967 euros)
● Mercedes C 300 d 4Matic from 54,169 euros
Mercedes C-Class sedan

The C-Class always lights up with LED technology after the model change.

W 206 grows for more space in the interior

The C-Class is growing. Both sedan and station wagon are now stretching out around 4.75 meters in length – in the case of the sedan, that means one Growth of 6.5 cm. The wheelbase is also getting larger. The developers donated 2.5 cm more space between the axes, so that their distance now adds up to around 2.87 meters.


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There is also an increase in width: At 1.82 meters, the new C-Class is one centimeter wider than before. The extension of the wheelbase and the widening of the body should benefit the space in the interior. That Trunk volume in the station wagon increases by 30 liters. The dimensions at a glance:

Mercedes C-Class Sedan (W 206)
length: 4751 mm (+65 mm)
broad: 1820 mm (+10 mm)
height: 1438 mm (-9 mm)
wheelbase: 2865 mm (+25 mm)
Trunk volume: 455 l

No more Mercedes star on the hood

The design language and proportions of the C-Class will be noticeably sportier. The front overhang is crisp and short, on the bonnet two power domes represent muscles punched in sheet metal, and the headlights are made narrower. The deeply placed grill is also given a new contour and always has a star in the middle. He has to, because the classic star on the hood will no longer exist. For the stretched, sporty look, the designers pulled the greenhouse back and removed the chrome strip above the license plate. Instead, the two-part tail lights ensure recognition value and give the C-rear a more solid look. How else can you recognize the new edition, AUTO BILD shows in comparison old versus new.

For station wagon fans, the T-model remains in the range

Mercedes C-Class T-Model (2021): new presentation – price – info – station wagon

So the new C-Class comes as a station wagon

Of course, the new C-Class is also available again as a station wagon. The T-model (S 206) is visually identical to the sedan (W 206) up to the B-pillar. Also the Station wagon is getting longer – The S 206 has 49 millimeters more. As in the sedan, the wheelbase has grown by 25 millimeters and the width by 10 millimeters. The station wagon also loses height in favor of the sporty line, but the loss is a touch less; In the interior section we clarify whether this has any effect on the space available. There is a significant plus in the trunk volume: the new generation offers both with the rear seat bench up and down 30 liters more storage space.

The dimensions of the T-model at a glance:

Length: 4751 mm (+49 mm)
Broad: 1820 mm (+10 mm)
Height: 1455 mm (-7 mm)
Wheelbase: 2865 mm (+25 mm)
Trunk volume: 490 l / 1510 l (+30 l / + 30 l)

Interior like in the Mercedes S-Class

One of the highlights of the new C-Class is clearly the interior. The cockpit architecture is so new that it simply skips the widescreen of the E-Class and goes straight to the layout of the new S-Class. This means: There are no longer any analog instruments, but a screen in front of the steering wheel (10.25 inches are standard; optional 12.3 inches). This serves as an instrument cluster – together with the familiar display options. There is a giant upright display for operating infotainment and air conditioning functionsthat rises practically seamlessly from the center console. In contrast to the S-Class, this central display (standard 9.5 inches, optional 11.9 inches) is inclined six degrees to the driver’s seat. This gives the C-Class a sportier feeling of space. In line with this, the dashboard is slimmer than before.
Mercedes C-Class sedan

The cockpit layout corresponds to that of the S-Class, except that the central display is inclined towards the driver.

Everything looks lighter and more modern in the new C-Class. But a look to the right and left is also worthwhile: the armrests are free to the front like diving boards in an outdoor pool and can thus serve as a closing aid. It may sound like an exaggeration, but they add a lot to the airy feeling of space on the front seats. The figures confirm this impression: Mercedes gives 26 mm more shoulder room for the front seats. At the back, tall people can also go on a relaxed journey, because here the data sheet shows up to 35 millimeters more knee room – fits wonderfully.

Technology fireworks for the C-Class W 206

Similar to the new S-Class, the C-Class also comes up with a real firework of technology. We have already got to know the central MBUX display. The infotainment functions, however, are not yet – they largely correspond to those of the S-Class (click here for the connectivity check). In addition to the standard functions, the new C-Class Learn voice commands, the Access to the smart home enable and Mirror augmented reality content on the central monitor. New infotainment functions come via Over-the-air update into the vehicle. There is also an optional head-up display (9×3 inches).
Mercedes C-Class T-Model

The registration in the MBUX system takes place via a fingerprint sensor – as simple as with a smartphone.

The “Distronic” control cruise control now initiates braking up to 100 km / h (previously 60 km / h). For the steering assistant, Mercedes promises improved lane recognition with the help of the 360-degree camera. the Traffic sign recognition also reads restrictions or additions – for example whether a speed limit only applies “when it is wet”. There is also a stop sign and red traffic light recognition.

In addition to the modernized and expanded software, Mercedes has also taken care of the hardware in the C-Class: This is how it is made smaller optional rear axle steering the turning circle of the new C-Class to 10.64 meters (minus 43 cm), and the steering ratio is more direct than before. To match this, the engineers donated a new four-link axle at the front and designed the chassis to be fundamentally more dynamic. Adaptive dampers and a sports suspension are available on request and at an additional cost.

First ride in the new C-Class

Mercedes C-Class (2021): test – first drive – engine – price – info

This is how the new Mercedes C-Class drives

The new C-Class scores as the C 300 d on its first drive. The diesel is not only over with its two turbochargers fixed response engaged. The whole thing is also called Mild hybrid with 48 volt technology designed. A starter generator is integrated into the nine-speed automatic transmission, which, if necessary, adds an additional 20 hp to the 265 diesel hp. There is no longer an optional air suspension for the C-Class, only the plug-in version still comes with an air spring on the rear axle. Despite everything, the built-in steel chassis is comfortable, but tends to rock a bit at high speeds. You can find the full driving report for the C-Class here!

Conclusion by Stefan Novitski: The new C-Class impresses with S-Class controls, comfort and excellent handling thanks to rear-axle steering.

C-Class only with four cylinders and automatic

The big revolution in the C-Class is taking place in the engine compartment: in the future, only four-cylinder engines will work here. All engines combine a 48 V electrical system with an integrated starter generator (ISG)that gives its power directly to the crankshaft. Equipped in this way, the C-Class can sail, with a sprint there is a boost of 15 kW and 200 Nm of torque, and recuperation takes place automatically when braking. The 9G-Tronic automatic transmission is always on board. The C-Class is no longer available as a manual switch.

The OM 654 M called diesel gets a new crankshaft, which increases the displacement from 1950 cc to 1992 cc. Two water-cooled turbochargers with variable turbine geometry put pressure on the diesel engine, which is reflected in three power levels: 163 hp (C 200 d), 200 hp (C 220 d) and 265 hp (C 300 d) do the diesel versions of the C-Class. For the C 220 d, Mercedes offers all-wheel drive as an option.
Mercedes C-Class sedan

The rims of the new C-Classes have a diameter of 17 to 19 inches.

Both Gasoline engines there is a choice of two four-cylinder units with a displacement of 1.5 or 2.0 liters. The benefits range from 170 hp in the C 180 above 204 hp in the C 200 up to 258 hp in the C 300. The last two engines mentioned are also available with all-wheel drive. In addition to the classic combustion engines, the W 206 will also come with one Plug-in hybrid powertrain give. With 95 kW (129 PS) of purely electric drive power, the C-Class should then achieve a WLTP range of 100 kilometers. The electric drive can be used up to a speed of 140 km / h. The 25.4 kWh battery can be charged with direct current and should need around 30 minutes for a full charge with a 55 kW DC charger. The internal combustion engine is the 204 hp M 254 petrol engine, which results in a system output of 313 hp and a system torque of 550 Nm.

as used cars the C-Class is usually solid

As a used car, there are usually few pitfalls with the Mercedes C-Class. The two previous generations actually always do pretty well at TÜV. Especially the direct predecessor W 205 has no problems getting a badge.

Used Mercedes C-Classes with warranty

The downside of the coin for used buyers is the high prices. With the W 204 you should take a close look at the axles, then you get a solid vehicle at affordable prices. You can find detailed information in our used car check for the Mercedes C-Class!

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