Mercedes Citan (2022): test, diesel, price, van

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And? It worked. The van still has the same outer contours as the Renault. But only those nobler front lamps with typical LED light signature (by the way 1: 1 from the B-Class) give an idea of ​​more modern content. in the inner space The confirmation: steering wheel buttons, displays and, at the latest, the operating logic come from Stuttgart. “Hey Mercedes,” we say – and Citan answers. Because both the panel van and the tourer (the car variant with two to three rows of seats) do that Infotainment system MBUX receive. The seats with rather short surfaces and foamed side bolsters are tight and comfortably upholstered.

Mercedes Citan

No commercial vehicle: everything in the Citan is tightly assembled, set with few joints and arranged without rattling.

Great emphasis is placed on the quality of workmanship

The thick steering wheel successfully blurs the tracks in the commercial vehicle range. Fine spirits will scribble on the door panels – they look simple in the materials. Consolation: Everything is tightly mounted, set with few joints and arranged without rattling – really good! The Citan 113 test car with 131 hp strong 1.3 petrol engine goes to work with pleasure. We drove it in a tourer with five seats (extended seven-seater later for a surcharge). the Six-speed gearshift (7-speed DCT optional) engages bindingly, moves easily, could possibly use shorter distances and a less angular guide. We immediately notice that the Citan very comfortable unrolls and runs neatly in its lane.

Mercedes Citan Tourer 113

With the 1.3-liter petrol engine, the Citan is fast on the road. The 1.5 diesel, on the other hand, has a booming effect from 2000 tours.

We cannot recommend the diesel yet

Things are making good progress, especially since the mini-truck has variable power steering, which gives very good feedback and provides the right amount of support in line with the pace. With evasion, that is ESP excellently fast and firmly committed to the cause, anyway, the car works absolutely manageable Voted. Incidentally, Mercedes has the panel van with more payload on Driving stability even when fully loaded – up to 782 kilograms – trimmed.

Mercedes Citan in the AUO BILD used car market

Unlike in the tourer, it costs complete driver assistance (in the package), however, surcharge. And the 112 CDI with 1.5 diesel (120 PS) runs powerfully and unexpectedly quietly at lower speeds, From 2000 tours, the four-cylinder hums and rumbles but uncomfortably booming in the pre-production model. Even in push mode. Mercedes promises improvements – and we that we will listen carefully in the first test. Until then, comfort practical details like a divided partition and high functionality. (Calculate maintenance costs? To the car insurance comparison)
Technical data Mercedes Citan Tourer 113 • Engine: four-cylinder, turbo, transverse front • Displacement 1332 cm³ • Power: 96 kW (131 PS) at 5000 / min • Maximum torque: 240 Nm at 1600 / min • Drive: front-wheel drive, six-speed manual • Length / width / height : 4498/1859/1832 mm • Empty weight: 1556 kg • Luggage compartment: 517-2390 l • 0-100 km / h: 13.0 s • Vmax: 183 km / h • Consumption: 7.1 l / 100 km (Super ) • CO2 emissions: 146 g / km • price from 26,481 euros.

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