Mercedes E 200 (W 124): affordable E-Class sedan with 136 hp

When it comes to vintage cars, the Dutch are not to be envied: since 2014, classic cars have to be at least 40 years old in order to be taxed cheaply. When the law came into force, many old cars were no longer financially viable overnight – and ended up with us. Many youngtimers still wander across the border because they are too expensive to maintain in Holland. This could also have happened with this old E-Class that is currently being offered on eBay. It should cost 2790 euros. No doubt: in Germany the W 124 is still one of the affordable youngtimers.
eBay Mercedes-Benz E 200 youngtimer W124

The first E-Class looks very similar to the smaller 190.

The big brother of the Baby Benz

The first E-Class was called the W 124 in the factory and is the successor to the shiny chrome W 123. But how have times changed: square, practical, unadorned was the motto in the 1980s. Plastic instead of chrome. And so the 124er stylistically follows its little brother W 201, the 190er. If you see one driving by, you could easily mistake it for the Baby Benz. This series was also available as a station wagon, coupé and convertible, but here we are dealing with a sedan. In “bornit-metallic”, something between copper and aubergine, a typical paint color from this Mercedes era.

Mercedes-Benz W 124 with 136 hp on eBay

The provider from Oberhausen apparently brought it directly from Holland, even the license plate is still on it. Of course, the car is no longer registered, so that a short-term license plate must be brought in for the mandatory test drive. All of this costs time and around 100 euros extra. Is it worth it? The first impression is positive: the outside of the car looks neat, its light gray interior even looks great. A few wounds on the bumpers, nothing more is noticeable.
eBay Mercedes-Benz E 200 youngtimer W124

He has a two-liter gasoline engine with four cylinders on board.

It’s a Benz for the poor: the engine, a two-cylinder gasoline engine, has only 136 hp. And the equipment is also modest: there is a steel sunroof and a retrofitted trailer hitch. And it has a five-speed gearbox, which is good for economical long-distance tours. The consumption of small gasoline vehicles (with catalytic converter) is around nine liters per 100 km. The driving performance is also restrained: 0-100 km / h in 11.5 seconds, top 200 km / h.

Unfortunately no photos of the sub-floor

ABS is just like a driver’s airbag series. The electric sunroof replaces an air conditioning system on hot summer days, which it doesn’t have either. The paint looks neat, rust spots – starting on the wheel arches, door edges, lower window rubbers and the “sacco boards” (they rub against the door panel) – are nowhere to be found. What does the car look like from below? Unfortunately, the provider does not reveal that. So those interested in buying definitely have to take a closer look at the underbody, engine and exhaust.
eBay Mercedes-Benz E 200 youngtimer W124

There are a few scratches on the bumper, the sheet metal looks good.

The car is sold with a reading of 174,375 km, which is shown in a photo of the speedometer. The seller also writes that documentation is available. Those who are interested should also be shown and randomly checked. The machine can survive another 100,000 km without any problems (check the oil pressure when the engine is warm!). A well-preserved, neat Benz with this engine is priced at 5-7,000 euros. But a bad one if under a thousand. So it depends on viewing and test drive – if nothing negative is noticed, the bornit metallic-colored W 124 can be a real bargain on eBay.

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