Mercedes EQA (2021): GLA comes as an electric car

The base of the electric GLA is said to have a range of 400 kilometers

In 2021 the compact SUV Mercedes GLA got an electric brother: the EQA. Even the base should have a range of 400 kilometers. The info.

DThe electrical counterpart of the GLA is of course called EQA. AUTO BILD has already had the small electric SUV drawn based on Erlkönig pictures. The front is basically reminiscent of the GLA, but has the typical clad radiator grille of Mercedes electric cars, perhaps even with an illuminated frame. At first glance, the arrow-shaped light signature of the A-Class would distinguish it visually from the GLA. At the rear, the EQA could take over elements of the larger EQC, get a continuous light band and a similar apron.

Battery, engine and market launch

Even the basic EQA should have a range of 400 kilometers.

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In terms of battery capacity, the staggering will probably initially range from 60 to 110 kWh. Even the smallest battery should enable a range of around 400 kilometers. The three power levels of the motors are specified behind the scenes with 150, 200 and 250 kW. The biggest EQ handicap is the weight of the battery pack, which weighs between 600 and 700 kilos. There are probably three different charging cycles, the fastest could restore around 70 percent of the energy content after just 20 minutes. The market for the electric Mercedes EQA should be in 2021.

Mobile e-car chargers

Juice Booster 2 (up to 22 KW)

Price *: 999 euros

NRGkick 32 A Light (up to 22 KW)

Price: 950.90 euros

NRGkick 16 A Light (up to 11 KW)

Price: 925.90 euros

* Prices: as of April 20, 2020


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