Mercedes EQE (2021): New information on the fully electric E-Class

By 2030, half of all new Mercedes cars sold should have an electric drive. The top model EQS will start in 2021. A little later, but also in 2021, a class below that will be the EQE (internal code: V 296). The electric Benz is shorter than the E-Class with a combustion engine, In terms of internal dimensions, it actually corresponds to the long version currently only available in China. The 11.5 centimeter high, fully secured and extensively cooled battery tray, which is accessible from below, sits between the axles. Mercedes is aiming for one for all EQ models Minimum range of around 600 kilometers at. All-wheel drive and well over 400 hp are likely for the EQE at market launch, later there will be versions with rear-wheel drive, less power and a shorter range. And an AMG version is also being planned.

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The EQE communicates with light colors

The Airmatic air suspension belongs to the standard scope of delivery, the rear axle steering costs extra. Worth mentioning here are the courageous steering angles of up to twelve degrees (in the same direction) or ten degrees (in opposite directions). Stylistically, the sedan uses the set pieces known from various EQ concept cars. Different light signatures send different messages. The red grill indicates that you are braking hard, while the green illuminated grill indicates that pedestrians can cross safely. In the case of autonomous driving, the EQE could reach level 3 and thus drive parts of the route completely independently.

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