Mercedes EQE (2022): Information and tests on the electric E-Class

Market launch of the Mercedes EQE in mid-2022

By 2030, half of all new Mercedes cars sold should have an electric drive. In mid-2022, the EQE (internal code: V 296) will be launched – as the little brother of the top model EQS. The electric Benz is practically as long as an E-Class with a combustion engine; the interior dimensions even correspond to those of the long version currently only available in China.

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The market launch is scheduled for the end of April 2022, and the EQE can already be ordered. The electric E-Class starts at 70,627 euros as the EQE 350+, the sportier AMG version EQE 43 costs 103,828 euros. Mercedes has not yet announced prices for the EQE 500. At the market launch there will be a limited “Edition 1” with extensive standard equipment. The equipment package costs 9520 euros.

Mercedes EQE gets the “One Bow Design” of the EQS

Unsurprisingly, the EQE adopts the arched silhouette of the EQS. Mercedes calls the whole thing “One Bow Design” – the line is intended to contribute to better space. More on that later. Together with its 3.12 meter wheelbase, the car also stretches enormously in length. The fenders of the EQE are slightly more flared than the EQS, resulting in a sportier look. The sedan is said to combine “dynamic driving behavior with relaxed travel”, which is reflected in a stockier appearance.

HEPA filter is designed to keep viruses and bacteria away

This is also shown by the front with the typical Mercedes EQ design. Instead of a solid strip of lights, there are grim-looking headlights whose graphics are reminiscent of narrowed eyes. For a surcharge, Mercedes installs its digital light here. The closed black mask is optionally available with small Mercedes stars.
Mercedes EQE

More than this flap for the wiper water cannot be opened at the front. HEPA filter instead of frunk under the front hood.

If you want, you can also get an AMG package. With sportier aprons, the EQE then almost achieves the Cd fabulous value of the EQS (0.2). Under the front hood, which cannot be opened, is a large HEPA filter, which is designed to keep viruses and bacteria out of the cockpit.

The rear looks more pleasing than the EQS

The rear is rounded, but looks a bit more pleasing than on the fairly tall EQS. A continuous strip of lights characterizes the rear and ends in windings at the sides, which are intended to be reminiscent of the windings of the copper wires in the electric motors. The graphic of the luminaires has one less vertical slat per side to show the difference in class. Mercedes is similar with the number of LED points in the lighting units of the C, E and S class.
Mercedes EQE

Due to the flared fenders, the Mercedes EQE is a bit stockier than the larger EQS. The rear looks more pleasing.

Huge hyperscreen as an option on the Mercedes EQE

The driver’s cab was practically taken over one to one from the EQS. In addition to the two basic configurations, each with two separate screens of different sizes, the Hyperscreen is at the top of the price list. The 141 centimeter wide glass panel with an area of ​​2432 square centimeters accommodates three screens. The third is intended for the passenger seat and is only active when someone is sitting there.

Mercedes EQE

For an extra charge, Mercedes installed the huge hyperscreen in the EQE. The passenger screen can play videos.

The highlight: For the first time, films can be played there. However, the screen is deactivated immediately as soon as the driver directs his gaze to it. This is monitored using eye tracking sensors in the digital cockpit; the feature is now also available for the EQS. The latest generation of MBUX infotainment is used in the EQE. It’s capable of learning and comes with fairly capable voice controls.

The space in the cockpit is generous, the freedom of movement more than decent. It only gets tighter above the crown. It doesn’t scratch the roof of tall people either; However, due to the battery in the vehicle floor, the seats are mounted higher than in a Mercedes E-Class, which in turn affects the seating position and the feeling of space.

Trunk volume between 430 and 770 liters

Transfer to the rear. The space in the second row is extremely princely, Mercedes promises around eight centimeters more legroom than in the E-Class. This can definitely be felt and, in connection with the almost flat vehicle floor, creates a pleasant feeling of space.

And the headroom? In order to be able to drop the roof line like a coupé, Mercedes came up with a trick: the panoramic roof was pulled further back so that you sit directly under glass at the back and should have more headroom. However, this only works to a limited extent, because the roof bars are still in the way.

In addition, the large glass roof means that the boot lid is no longer hinged above but below the rear window. Storage volume of 430 to 770 liters is considerable, but access is somewhat impaired.

The EQE offers calm like the EQS and a sporty start (update!)

AUTO BILD was able to put the EQE 500, which was only available later, to the test during a first drive. The massive MBUX hyperscreen catches the eye as soon as you get in. Compared to the larger EQS, however, this is only available as an option – with an additional charge of 8568 euros, many customers are more likely to be satisfied with the standard 11.9-inch central display (known from the C-Class).
Mercedes EQE 500

The chassis tuning is gentle and comfortable, the 408 hp of the EQE 500 pushes you forward.

The rest of the AMG interior with a flattened steering wheel and lots of Alcantara is also a largely perfectly finished feast for the eyes. But despite its overall length of almost five meters, the EQE doesn’t feel huge, which is also due to the slit-like view to the rear. Too bad: The 360-degree camera is unfortunately not standard.

Rear axle steers up to ten degrees

When driving, you’ll be amazed after just a few meters at how extremely quiet the EQE is. There are no engine noises that otherwise mask other sources of noise. And yet only a fine rolling noise penetrates. The tuning of the Airmatic air suspension is fluffy and lets the Benz glide along almost gently. But if you ram your right foot into the pedal, the 300 kW (408 hp) of the test car powerful forward.

And then there is the rear-axle steering: It can be ordered from Mercedes in two stages (up to 4.5 degrees and up to 10 degrees). The rear wheels make a noticeable steering movement, especially when turning or turning in a small space. After all: Mercedes promises a turning circle of 10.7 meters at an angle of ten degrees, without rear axle steering it should be 12.5 meters.

The recuperation can be adjusted in three stages and also brakes to a standstill. With “intelligent recuperation” (based on the distance radar), the system cannot always decide whether it should come to a standstill on its own or whether the driver has to help.

The EQE should achieve a range of well over 600 km

Like its big brother EQS, the Mercedes EQE also uses the EV2 platform. For the time being there will only be one battery with a net capacity of 90.6 kWh. It should be good for a range of well over 600 kilometers. Thanks to 400-volt technology, the EQE can be charged with a maximum of 200 kW. Mercedes has not yet announced charging times, but they should be at the level of the EQS, which can draw electricity for up to 300 kilometers in around 15 minutes. (This is how you get your own wallbox!)

Two engines at market launch

There will be two engine variants at market launch. Number one is the EQE 350 with 210 kW (286 hp) and a motor on the rear axle. The AMG version EQE 43 has a little more power, with two electric motors together delivering 350 kW (476 hp) and a maximum of 858 Nm of torque. Two more all-wheel drive models, the EQE 500 and Mercedes-AMG EQE 53, will follow later.
Air suspension is optionally available for the EQE. The rear axle steering also costs extra. Two options are available here with 4.5 and ten degrees. Rumor has it that the EQE can handle autonomous driving at Level 3, but Mercedes has not yet been able to elicit any information on this subject when asked.

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