Mercedes EQE SUV (2023): This is what the electric GLE could look like

Now Mercedes is dedicating itself to the large electric SUVs! After the EQS SUV, of which there will also be a luxurious Maybach version, the one number smaller EQE SUV can be expected. Well-camouflaged prototypes of the electric GLE have already been spotted on test drives. Based on this, the AUTO-BILD illustrator made a drawing of the new electric model from Stuttgart. Headlights, taillights and aprons could be based on the EQEAs with all EQ models, instead of a grill, there is a black mask on the front with a large Mercedes star emblazoned in the middle. The SUV shape basically worsened the drag coefficient, which affects the range. In order for the losses to remain within the framework, Mercedes should with one flat windshield and a similar roof with an almost coupé-like sloping roof to hold against.

Drives are likely to be taken over by the EQE

Probably the SUV is based on the same platform as the EQE with the somewhat awkward name EVA II. Then you could use the electric car both with pure rear-wheel drive and with all-wheel drive thanks to an additional motor on the front axle and basically take over the drives. So far, however, Mercedes has only communicated one variant of the sedan: the EQE 350 develops 215 kW (292 hp) and 530 Nm, its Thanks to fast 400-volt technology, the 90 kWh battery is 80 percent charged in just 32 minutes. With a fully charged battery, the sedan has a range of up to 660 kilometers according to WLTP, the number for the SUV is likely to be smaller because of the poorer wind slipperiness. An air suspension and rear axle steering could provide additional comfort. An AMG variant is practically a must, it could generate up to 500 kW (680

The EQE SUV could still be presented in 2022

The premiere of the Mercedes EQE SUV should take place in 2022, but the car will probably not go on sale before 2023. The base price should be around 80,000 euros.

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