Mercedes EQS (2021): Erlkönig shows new details of the electric car

The electric S-Class EQS will be presented in April 2021, now there are photos of a slightly camouflaged Erlkönig. Only the front and rear are still covered with the typical film. The pictures show: Even the basic shape of the luxury sedan differs from the S-Class we are familiar with. The front and rear areas are shorter, the shape is more coupé-like and the side windows extend further to the front and back. For this, the EQS takes over the retractable door handles – but these may also be subject to a surcharge. Overall, the Erlkönig looks a bit more compact than its burner brother.
Mercedes EQS Erlkönig

The Mercedes EQS looks more coupé-like than the S-Class and has a significantly shorter rear overhang.

And: the car has side mirrors. The EQS apparently does not get any cameras like the ones Audi offers for the e-tron electric SUV. The images suggest that the electric S-Class has its own light signature at the rear, which is made up of slashes.

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Teaser shows details of the front

The teaser published in December 2020 already showed impressions of the front. The series version takes over the completely enclosed grill with a big star from the Vision EQS Concept study. The light signature appears to consist of a continuous LED strip and three small round elements on each side. The apron looks like it protrudes a little further than the grill. A molded bonnet and wide fenders can also be seen.

Mercedes EQS teaser

The first teaser confirms: The production version takes over the closed grill of the study.

Extremely large screen in the interior

The space in the engine compartment created by the elimination of the combustion engine is used, among other things, by a new HEPA air filter system used. Mercedes wants to offer this as an option for the EQS. The ten liter filter system is supposed to The air in the interior is as clean as in an operating theater do. In addition to fine dust and nitrogen oxides, unpleasant odors should also be kept away. Speaking of the interior: the EQS will optionally have a new screen that is even larger than the one in the S-Class. The MBUX Hyperscreen extends with a Width of 1.41 meters across the entire width of the vehicle and works with artificial intelligence. Thanks to OLED technology, the display is particularly rich in contrast and provides a rich black.
Mercedes MBUX Hyperscreen

The EQS comes with the new hyperscreen, with three screens stretching across the entire dashboard.

Range of up to 700 kilometers

According to Mercedes, the EQS should create a range of 700 kilometers according to WLTP thanks to modern battery technology. You probably realize that with one 100 kWh battery. At a fast charging station with a charging capacity of 350 kW, the electricity storage unit could be filled to 80 percent in just 20 minutes. The drive concept will probably be similar to that of the study and the EQC: an electric motor each drives the two axles. The sedan will be available in different performance variants – rumor has it that from 400 to 600 hp.

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