Mercedes EQS SUV (2022): The electric SUV is so luxurious

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EQS SUV is shorter than the sedan

To get a better feel for the new electric model, let’s start with the dimensions. And one thing is clear: the EQS SUV is big. However, not as big as the sedan.
With a length of 5.13 meters, it is almost ten centimeters shorter than the combustion engine counterpart GLS and also smaller than the EQS with its 5.22 meters. The SUV is naturally a bit wider (plus six centimeters to the EQS) and of course significantly higher (plus 20 centimeters to the EQS). At 3.21 meters, the wheelbase is identical for both EQS versions.
Mercedes EQS SUV

Compared to the EQS sedan, the SUV counterpart is 20 centimeters higher.

Dimensions Mercedes EQS SUV

Length: 5125mm
Broad: 1959mm
Height: 1718mm
Wheelbase: 3210mm
trunk volume: 645-2100 liters (seven-seater: 565-2020 liters)

Typical EQ design also for the EQS SUV

A big surprise is the look of the EQS SUV not. Because not only the name is strongly based on the already well-known electric sedan from Mercedes, but also that design. At the front, both have the EQ black panel grille with a large implied radiator and integrated headlights (on the SUV with three small triangles as a daytime running light signature), a strip of lights forms the end of the front hood. The SUV is delivered with LED headlights as standard, the “Digital Light” is available for an extra charge.
Mercedes EQS SUV

The design of the EQS SUV is strongly based on the EQS sedan and the smaller EQE.

In the side view, recessed door handles (as in the limousine) and running boards. Typical SUV are the black wheel arches. The rear of the EQS SUV is significantly steeper than the sedan, the rear lights with the well-known “coil” light graphic are similar to those of the sedan.

Customers can also choose from different rim designs in different sizes from 20 to 22 inches. The popular AMG line is of course also available.

Luxurious interior with up to seven seats

Exquisite choice of materials, skilled workmanship, sometimes sophisticated design (Mercedes stars in the wood): If you are looking for an SUV with even more attention to detail, you have to look at Bentley and Co. Everything is softly padded, visually and haptically the EQS SUV is flattering on all seats.
Mercedes EQS SUV

The 141 centimeter wide hyperscreen consists of three individual screens that merge visually with each other. In the EQS SUV it costs extra.

The rear seat with angle adjustment does not tilt the backrest as far back as hoped, so you doze in the second row not quite as comfortably as, for example, in the Audi Q7. It can be adjusted in length by 13 centimeters as standard, which increases the trunk from 645 to 880 liters. If you fold down the second row in a 40:20:40 ratio, you can even stow 2100 liters in the EQS SUV, which is suitable for moving.
The electric car is also available as a seven-seater for a surcharge. Two individual seats can be folded out of the trunk floor. However, the third row is not particularly spacious for an SUV with a length of 5.13 meters (BMW X7 and even Dacia Jogger have more space in the third row).
Mercedes EQS SUV

Optionally, the SUV can also be ordered with two individual seats in the third row, but the space is not ample.

The hyperscreen should not be missing either

But the mighty hyperscreen, in which three screens optically merge into one 1.41 meter wide mega screen, still makes an impression in the third row of seats. But that’s not all, for the second row there is the “MBUX High-End Rear Seat Entertainment Plus” package with two 11.6-inch displays.

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Mercedes EQS SUV

Last but not least, a word about getting in: The large doors make it a pleasure to get in, both front and back – if the running boards didn’t rub against your ankles. However, because the side protection reduces air resistance (the boards are flush with the underbody, which is usually not the case with combustion SUVs), this design is tolerated.

Mercedes EQS SUV in three performance levels

At the market launch, Mercedes is offering the EQS SUV in three versions. Customers can choose between the rear-wheel drive EQS 450+, the EQS 450 4Matic and the EQS 580 4Matic. While the EQS 450+ only has an electric drive train (eATS) on the rear axle, the 4Matic models have an additional electric motor on the front axle.

Mercedes has not yet provided any information on the driving performance, but there are preliminary values ​​for the ranges (up to 660 kilometers) and the charging speed (maximum 200 kW). An AMG version is not out of the question for the future either.

Specifications Mercedes EQS 450+

● Performance: 265 kW (360 hp)
● maximum torque: 568 Nm
● Range (preliminary): 536-660km
● Power consumption (preliminary): 18.6-23.0kWh/100km

Specifications Mercedes EQS 450 4Matic

● Performance: 265 kW (360 hp)
● maximum torque: 800 Nm
● Range (preliminary): 507-613km
● Power consumption (preliminary): 20.0-24.0kWh/100km

Specifications Mercedes EQS 580 4Matic

● Performance: 400 kW (544 hp)
● maximum torque: 858 Nm
● Range (preliminary): 507-613km
● Power consumption (preliminary): 20.0-24.0kWh/100km

The Mercedes EQS SUV is coming in 2022

The first customer vehicles of the Mercedes EQS SUV, built at the American plant in Tuscaloosa, are scheduled to be delivered in the second half of 2022.

Mercedes is not yet revealing official prices. AUTO BILD calculates for the EQS SUV with a starting price of around 120,000 euros. For comparison: the sedan version as EQS 350 currently starts at 97,806 euros, the larger 450+ costs 107,326 euros.

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