Mercedes EQV Marco Polo: the electric future of the camper

Mercedes has the market for Motorhomes rediscovered. The actual Marco Polo-Family has been able to live successfully in recent years, according to the Stuttgart-based company Camper market establish. They also wear numerous Base vehicles for Motorhomes a star on the bow.

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Now stands for Daimler next logical step to: the linkage of the E-mobility with the motorhome industry. The first market-ready E-camper This already exists. The vehicle comes from Sortimo Walter Rüegg AG from Switzerland and is based on the battery electric Mercedes EQV.
Mercedes EQV camping conversion by Sortimo Walter Rüegg AG // PLC

If you put all the crosses in the Sortimo mobile, you will receive this pop-up roof with roof bed, among other things.

The Mercedes has solar modules for additional sustainability and self-sufficiency

Sortimo has expanded the Mercedes EQV modular designed. If you put all the crosses, you will get your vehicle with you Pop-up roof and Roof bed as well as with a Multifunction box included Kitchens– and Sleeping unitthat in Trunk Takes place. the Kitchen unit includes, among other things, a way to Wash, two gas powered Hobs and a cool box. Join in Drawers for cutlery, cooking accessories and supplies.
Mercedes EQV camping conversion by Sortimo Walter Rüegg AG // PLC

A bed that can be folded out is mounted on the kitchen / sleeping unit in the trunk.

Above the Kitchen unit is this Sleep system assembled. If you unfold it, one is created Lying areawhich is exactly as wide as the interior of the EQV. As long as the sleep system folded up is, let the Seats in the Fund of the EQV normally. When designing the systems, Sortimo has specifically Lightweight construction respected.
Mercedes EQV camping conversion by Sortimo Walter Rüegg AG // PLC

The additional solar panels on the roof have a combined output of around 400 watts.

Reason: With an e-vehicle, every kilo saved means more Range. The ones available on request Solar panels come together to around 400 watt Power. You load the Starter battery and the Additional battery for camping.

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The EQV is an integral part of the portfolio of electrical MercedesTransporter. He’s the one powered by electricity Counterpart the Mercedes V-Class. Mercedes has the EQV with them two different Battery sizes on offer: The EQV 300 has a 90kWhbattery pack and comes up with one, according to Mercedes Range from 323 until 363 Kilometers. At the Fast charging station he fills his battery in around 45 Minutes from 10 on 80 percent on. Serves as the central control unit MBUX. The Mercedes EQV 250 has a 60kWhbattery pack and comes up 213 until 236 kilometre Range.
Mercedes EQV camping conversion by Sortimo Walter Rüegg AG // PLC

The Mercedes EQV 300 can charge its battery from 10 to 80 percent in 45 minutes.

in the Two-invoice transaction the electric camper is already available with the Sortimo expansion. Two-invoice transaction means that the van and body are ordered and billed separately. In this case, each manufacturer is responsible for service, guarantee and warranty.

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