Mercedes G 55 AMG Limited: black G 55 with full equipment

Who the model name Mercedes G-Class hear, think about Expeditions to distant countries – or to the Downtown cut a fine figure. Mercedes is the requirements of the customers over the years always followed suit and has Toughclimber much luxury donated, his original Can but not lost sight of it.
at eBay is just a more unique Mercedes G is offered, which should be particularly at home on the boulevard. And it’s worth seeing! It is about one G 55 AMG Limited Edition of the series W 463 of the year 2004. 125 petrol and 125 diesel were then used anniversary the G class built. According to the information, this is vehicle No. 173 and the only petrol engine of the Special series worldwide that is currently for sale. Price: 59,333 euros.

Mercedes G 55 AMG Limited Edition on eBay

If you read through the advertisement, the offered G looks like an absolute one Dream car. And not just because of the Benz one 511 hp powerful G 55 AMG Limited Edition in Black Black is. No, there are numerous other points. The car was in for the first time Berlin authorized and therefore has all the necessary German papers.

This Mercedes G looks like a dream car

The seller describes the car as seamless groomed. Whether he is doing it in the specialist workshop stamped through Checkbook thinks, can be found out with certainty when contacting us. According to the advertisement, the Benz neither optical still technical Flaws, he was only at good weather moved and with Super Plus refueled.
eBay Mercedes-Benz G-Class

According to the information, the paint on the G 55 AMG was regularly maintained by a processor.

In addition, the Gear oil and the Engine oil exchanged as well as all Wear parts and Wishbones, camp and Striving renewed. Same goes for that Seals on windows and doors. The leather was from a Saddler checked and processed. paint and inner space were regularly checked by a professional Vehicle preparer groomed. All standard screws had to stainless Stainless steel screws give way.
eBay Mercedes-Benz G-Class

According to the advertisement, 511 hp gallops under the hood.

On the Equipment list everything your heart desires can be found. It starts at OsramBiLEDHeadlights with originals BrabusDaytime running lights up and down and ends at one inductive Charging station for smartphones. All details are in the ad. The highlight, however, is likely to be the comfortable interior that comes with MercedesDesignoNappa leather is lined.
eBay Mercedes-Benz G-Class

A saddler recently took care of the beauty of the interior, including nappa leather.

What you should know about the Mercedes G before buying

Before buying, interested parties should be aware that a good Mercedes G-Class money costs. This doesn’t just apply to them purchase, but also for the Entertains. And especially for a special model like this one. place needs such a G for it. If you are not sure, it is best to measure your garage at home. Speaking of which garage: That should if possible available be. Because this car is not only appealing to Mercedes enthusiasts, but also for sure Thieves.

Mercedes G 55 AMG Limited Edition on eBay

Of the general State even under the best of conditions should be thoroughly checked, including a look at the neuralgic Place the body. That this apparently excellent well-groomed G-Class is struggling with the brown plague is unlikely. But in principle it is possible that the G rusts. There is also an extensive one Test drive, Standard for every used vehicle. Here it is special too recommend, because that strong as a bear Aggregate lets go of powerful forces on the gearbox and axles. The best thing to do is to ensure that technically everything is really as great as the seller describes it. Ultimately, you have to take a look at the Care history be. The G 55 AMG is a Luxury car with more complex technology on board. And the forgotten, punished Inspections with premature damage.

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