Mercedes GLC: First ride in the new mid-size SUV

Mercedes is in things SUV not what it used to be! Test manager Peter Kolb (56) drives to the next curve far too quickly and presses the button for sport mode. And what does this 4.72 meter long SUV do? It doesn’t waver, it stays on track and craves Kolb’s right foot at the apex.

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Sportily rob the curves. You can do it when the other disciplines like fluffy bouncing and silent gliding have worked so well! We are on the way with the still top secret prototype of the new Mercedes GLC; World premiere will be on June 1, 2022, retail launch in September. Now let’s make the streets around Sindelfingen unsafe. But what does that mean? This car is safety made of sheet metal, even the rear axle steers, by 4.5 degrees, which results in a turning circle of 10.8 meters.

Mercedes GLC 300d

Wide spread: Thanks to roll stabilization, the GLC takes corners in a fairly sporty manner. But he can also fluffy feathers.

The cockpit We’ve got them covered, but we recommend: look at the C-Class, think it all up a notch – bingo! The GLC also has the XXL display upright in the center console, large icons, top voice control, the lady even knows the soccer results. And just now, Peter Kolb was driving in creep mode, the front cameras showed the way below us and the engine hidden. So far we only knew that from Land Rover.

The legroom in the GLC has increased

The new GLC with the factory code X 254 uses the MRA2 platform of the new C-Class and offers improvements in all areas compared to its predecessor. Customers want more space, so they get an extra two inches, which also means more legroom.
Mercedes GLC 300d

The Lümmel lounge: You can stretch out in the GLC rear – great entry, plenty of room for your head and legs, good seating position.

They want more trunk space, so they get 50 liters more, now 600 liters. And they also want more electric ones Range at the plug-in hybrid, so the battery grows from 12.8 to over 23 kWh, covers more than 100 kilometers without exhaust fumes. And if you invest 500 euros for fast charging, the battery will be fully charged again in 30 minutes.

Traffic light starts succeed very smoothly

The plug-in hybrids, either as a petrol engine or diesel, Mercedes will be offering from autumn 2022, with combustion engines with 48-volt technology coming first. How does that feel? Anyone who has ever experienced a traffic light start without rumble or acceleration with extra boost will no longer want to be without it. Our test car has a 265 hp four-cylinder diesel and 23 hp electrical extra power, the torque amounts to 550 Nm. The only thing we don’t hear today is diesel knocking, of course, double glazing. But they have worked on the acoustics overall, better foams, more insulation, better door sealing concept.
Mercedes GLC 300d

The 265 hp four-cylinder diesel is assisted by an electric motor with 23 hp. You notice that when starting and accelerating.

Is that even a diesel? Earlier, when Peter Kolb pressed the sport button before the corner, the engine spoke to us like a hoarse petrol engine thanks to sound tuning, what a joy! In the summer we will drive ourselves, until then we can state: There is great class under the film! And do we also need a big cash register? Yes, the base should start at 50,000 euros.

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