Mercedes MBUX (2020): new functions for the infotainment system

MBUX will soon be able to do even more!

Mercedes lives up to its promise to continuously expand MBUX. These are the latest features of the Mercedes infotainment system!

Mit Mercedes MBUX Daimler offers one of the most versatile Infotainment systems with voice control in the automotive sector. The Development is far from over: Mercedes already announced in 2018 with the introduction of MBUX that it would gradually expand infotainment and add new functions.

Now the system is learning new manners and bringing entertainment for the long haul to the car. These are the most important innovations at MBUX!

1. MBUX will use its users in the future

In addition to classic infotainment functions, MBUX now also masters a lot of entertainment.

MBUX takes off the suit so that the relationship between car and person gets more personality will address the occupants in the future by “you”. So far, the voice assistant from Mercedes has chosen a formal “you” as the address. The less distant salutation is intended to create an emotional bond with the vehicle. All new Mercedes with MBUX now offer their owners the Du. Existing vehicles are to be supplied with the new title in the next few weeks via an “over the air” update.

2. New weather information for skiers

With the new MBUX update, Mercedes is also expanding the Features of his weather forecast in the car. In the future, the system can also be used Weather data from the ski areas to access. So if you want to know what the snow conditions look like on your favorite slope, you can ask MBUX in the future. In addition to snow depth and temperature, the system should also know which ski lifts are in operation. The feature is now available to all Mercedes drivers with MBUX.

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3. MBUX looks at the stars

On the way to work, briefly ask the horoscope about the prospects for the day? Now it works in the car too. From now on you can MBUX voice assistant ask for the stars and gives the user a daily forecast. In addition to specific zodiac signs, inmates can also ask which circular sign belongs to which birthday. The same applies to the horoscope: All vehicles with MBUX can now use this function.

4. Mercedes becomes a game console

Long car journeys can be torture, especially for families. It is not uncommon for children to get bored on the back seat, especially in a traffic jam the nerves can be bare. If all known travel games are exhausted, the MBUX system can help immediately. It has recently launched a geo-quiz on the world’s capitals. The geography game is the first game in MBUX so far. But more are to follow. Since the game runs in the back end of MBUX, all MBUX users can access it – regardless of how old the vehicle is.

China is getting more functions for the time being

How much Mercedes is concentrating on the Chinese market with the infotainment system can be seen from the services soon available there. MBUX customers from the People’s Republic will be able to Ordering food home from the car and buying cinema tickets. If you are on your way to the airport in China, you will soon be able to see the current flight status on the central display. Mercedes has not yet announced whether and when these functions will also come to Europe.


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