Mercedes remains in Formula 1, more prominent role for AMG

Mercedes will focus more and more on new electric models in the coming years, just like other car manufacturers, but unlike Honda, the German brand will continue to combine this electrification with Formula 1.

More prominent role for AMG

Mercedes will push subsidiary brand AMG more forward for its activities in the premier class in the coming years. The brand responsible for Mercedes ‘sportier models will work more closely with the Formula 1 team, while the Affalterbach brand logos will also play a more prominent role in the branding of Mercedes’ Formula 1 operations.

The partnership between AMG and the Formula 1 team has already been shaped in recent years with the development of the Project One, an AMG sports car that uses the hybrid turbo power source that is also found in the F1 cars of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. The Project One will be on the market next year, but with Mercedes’ new plans, cooperation will only be intensified further in the coming years.

Technical expertise

With the closer cooperation, more technical knowledge will also be transferred from the Formula 1 team to the AMG division. There will also be more cooperation in the field of marketing, which, among other things, will lead to more visible AMG logos on Mercedes F1 cars.

“We will also use the technological developments from Formula 1 for our AMG cars,” explains Daimler CEO Ola Kallenius of the closer collaboration. “With Project One, we are already bringing the Formula 1 engine to the public road, so it only makes sense to further tighten the links between Formula 1 and AMG.”


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