Mercedes S-Class Guard: The Chancellor’s tank is so well protected

The two ladies pull out their phones. visible irritatedwho there now in he 5.50 meter long sedan drives past them and waves statesmanlike. Anyway, they’re waving return. Better safe than sorry, am End is it the chancellor Even if Olaf Scholz yes neither hair still glasses carries.

While over in the Parliament the 11th session of the 20th German Bundestag is in progress outside a new government member back and forth between the Federal Chancellery and the House of Representatives: the new one Chancellor tank. The safest Mercedes ever. Some even say that safest civilian car in the world. “Of course, that only applies as long as you don’t four inches thick lowers the window and waves out,” the driver warns the passenger.
Mercedes S-Class S 680 GUARD 4MATIC

The door frame shows how thick the armored glass is. The window regulators are special equipment.

In the Bundestag, she governs traffic light coalitionon the street it stays at that grand coalition: black Benz, red Scholz. However, the blacks wanted to renew themselves. And they have did. The new political heavyweight is: Mercedes S 680 Guard 4matic. A 4.2 ton monster, twelve cylinder (otherwise only available in the Maybach), 190km/h fast (the tires can’t do more), but still 60 km/h in reverse gear.

Mercedes S-Class Guard costs around 540,000 euros

The first will soon be sent to the government delivered. Unit price: around 540,000 euros. A panoramic roof is not even available for an extra charge, that makes sense. Just as little over-the-air updates (because of possible hacker attacks) and head-up display because the front screen is too thick for that.
Mercedes S-Class S 680 GUARD 4MATIC

Normally, the blue light is in the trunk – connection via a special socket next to the driver’s seat.

in front of the driver’s seat Has Steffen Schierholz taken a seat. No BKA man, but also armed to the teeth, with information to the authorities-Benz No. 1. In normal life Schierholz creates as press secretary at Mercedes Benz. Today he creates a small miracle: Right in front House of Representatives he fumbles at the standard holder Germany flagwhich is left over from the last EM while the MP-chauffeurs are interested watch.

used car market

Mercedes-AMG S 63 Cabriolet Designo Deep Green

Current offers: Mercedes-AMG S-Class

Mercedes-AMG S-Class with guarantee in the AUTO BILD used car market.

Then he gets one beacon out of the trunk, clamps it onto the roof – and stands directly in front of the with fluttering flags and switched on blue lights Parliament. (Of course just for the photo. Dear children, do not try this!) Two regulatory office employees are writing meanwhile parking offenders up, the S-class remains undisturbed. Even tin clothes make it obvious people.

Guard construction takes 50 days each

So, Herr Schierholz, tell him about it Chancellor of Koepenick the back right times the secrets of guard. “We produce it in one specially secured Plant in Sindelfingen. Meager 60 specially trained employees are busy there.” All manufacturing work. Mercedes needs around for a normal S-Class a day and a halffor the guard approx. 50. production target? Solid three digits a year.
Mercedes S-Class S 680 GUARD 4MATIC

In the trunk of the special S-Class: fresh air supply (yellow) and fire extinguishing system (red) for acute emergencies.

the customers: Royalty, entrepreneurs, governments. All people who do not attract attention want. And the same applies to paint: All colors are possible, the main thing is Black. “What else ordered as good as nobody“, says Schierholz. That’s why the guard looks like any other at first glance x-any long S-Class.

A completely independent construction

But under the sheet metal dress hidden a vehicle with the normal Stuttgart upper class not much anymore has to do. The passenger compartment is like this sealed off like the coalition negotiations last autumn. To put it bluntly, there weren’t just a few steel plates welded into the doors as before. The new guard is independent designed, not based on the production car.

Mercedes S-Class S 680 GUARD 4MATIC

The V12 with 612 hp does not exist in the normal S-Class, only in the Maybach. In the Guard, it drives all four wheels.

attacks the Chancellor’s tank withstood the opposition at all times. It doesn’t matter whether they are from extreme right or extreme left come (above or above are of course also no problem). “The Guard has the highest protection class VR10“, says Schierholz. Just as reference point: Against attacks with a AK47 rapid-fire rifle the protection class helps VR6.

Test passed with 12.5 kg of explosives

This Benz even has one sniper rifle no chance. “For the certification, more than 300 shots handed over to the vehicle,” says Schierholz. There isn’t an office for everything!

Added a further test With 12.5 kilos of explosives. All passed. The doors alone weigh 180 kilos – per piece. So that they can be opened at all, they are equipped with a special mechanism. Difficult it still goes up and down. It doesn’t matter, he does driver.

Mercedes S-Class S 680 GUARD 4MATIC

The special tires have an emergency core. With bullets, they can still travel 30 km at 80 km/h.

If the vehicle catches fire, one activates extinguishing system under the car floor and in the engine compartment. at poison gas attacks the fresh air system takes care of one overpressure in the passenger compartment. weapons are Not on board, but massage chairs, TV, WiFi and a panic button.

“I will then catapulted outif I press it?” I ask chauffeur Schierholz. “No, then the car will shift gears all what lights and sirens are there to draw attention to yourself.”

MBUX wants to send us to Dortmund

Little government experience seems to still have the MBUX system. When we Ministry of Foreign Affairs the target via voice control “Swiss Embassy“, the system wants to Dortmund – for whatever reason. So be it, it knows them for that Embassy of Brunei. Oh yes, if you want to ask for the way or wave like a statesman, you have to Windows as an extra order.

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Mercedes S-Class Guard: test drive

Because for the heavy tempered glass does it need a special hydraulics. “Costs around 10,000 euros extra,” says Schierholz. After all, the tax reduction is standard – just press the button to the left of the steering wheel. So, Herr Schierholz, where can I do that now order? “Just at yours Mercedes dealer.” Okay, but for that I have to have one at home with my coalition partner supplementary budget say goodbye.


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