Mercedes unveils impressive EQS Hyperscreen display

With the next EQS, Mercedes will take the on-board technology to the next level with the MBUX Hyperscreen.

While electric cars embark on the race for autonomy, high-end sedans are always pushing the levels of technology on board even further. With its second electric car, the Mercedes EQS, the German brand will inaugurate the MBUX Hyperscreen.

A 55-inch curved screen

Stretching from one windshield post to the next, the marque’s new installation at the Etoile extends 141 cm. Or a size of 55 inches for this curved screen, which is broken down into three separate displays.

The traditional instrument cluster is seated in front of the driver’s eyes, while the central segment can be dedicated to infotainment. However, passengers can also take advantage of a specific module to enhance their experience on board. Customizable according to seven profiles, the screen does not activate however when the passenger seat is empty, for regulatory reasons.

The power of an eight-core processor

Behind this relative simplicity of display hides a high-level computer installation. The MBUX system is thus powered by an eight-core processor and relies on 24 GB RAM memory, and 46.4 GB of RAM memory bandwidth per second.

Firepower to keep up with the MUX, which serves as the brain of the Mercedes EQS. Because beyond the usual voice command, the on-board device will be equipped with a large number of algorithms to learn and think for the driver. Do you have the habit of contacting a certain person every day in the same time slot? The EQS will remind you to do this when you forget. If you often use the hot stone massage function in winter, MBUX will suggest that you activate the function from a certain temperature in winter. And if you combine the function with the heated steering wheel and the heated seat, the car will suggest that you do so.

Optional equipment?

The MBUX system also influences the mechanical elements, and more precisely the Lift-Up: when the driver activates the device that raises the muzzle of the car, MBUX retains the GPS coordinates to automatically activate it during the next passages.

Mercedes has not commented on the availability of the MBUX Hyperscreen, as packed with algorithms as our smartphones. However, the equipment could be offered as an option, or as standard on the high-end versions.


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