Mercedes V-Class (2021): almost 11,000 euros below the list price


Mercedes V-Class

Mercedes V-Class with a discount

The Mercedes V-Class is available at with a discount of up to 10,967 euros. (As of November 3, 2021)

But: Mercedes is calling for its minibus steep prices on. Even the short version of the base “Rise” costs at least 38,490 euros. The V-Class is available in three lengths: “Short” measures 4.90 meters, “long” means 5.14 meters, “extra long” a proud 5.37 meters. The full equipment “Exclusive” is only available in the long version, but then at least 90,916 euros are on the bill. Quite a lot of money – but it can also be cheaper online: At there is the Mercedes V cash register with a discount of up to 17 percent! (As of November 3, 2021)

Two-liter diesel with 237 hp and 530 Nm

The greatest savings are available for the Mercedes V 300 with the AMG Line package in the “extra-long” version. Under the hood sits a two-liter diesel with 237 hp and 530 Nm. Switching is done by one Nine-step automatic. We certify this engine-transmission combination in the purchase advice that it turns the car into a racing van on the autobahn! With its sporty front and rear aprons, rocker panels and spoiler lip, as well as 19-inch rims, the AMG Line creates a sportier impression. The minibus actually costs 64,513 euros equipped in this way. At, up to 10,967 euros are deducted from this!

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