Merkel according to the report on the Corona situation: “The thing slipped away from us”

According to a report by the “Bild” newspaper, Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel clearly criticized the management of the Corona crisis in an internal video conference with parliamentary group leaders from the federal and state levels. “The thing slipped away from us. We have to be even stricter, otherwise we’ll be back where we were in 14 days,” she is said to have said on Sunday, according to participants. The “Bild” newspaper reported about it first.

Criticism of trips abroad

She also criticized the trips abroad by many Germans, the newspaper reported. At Christmas 50,000 people flew to the Canary Islands and the Maldives every day. “Why can’t we ban travel?” The head of government is said to have asked. You have to “thin out air traffic so that you can not get anywhere,” said Merkel, according to information from listeners of the switch. She also added that Germany needed a tougher border regime.

With regard to the mutations of the virus, she is said to have described that one lives “on a powder keg”. According to Merkel, openings of shops and restaurants in mid-February are “not guaranteed”. If there are any openings, the order must be: first daycare centers and schools, then shops, then restaurants.

Last week, Merkel, together with the federal and state governments, decided, among other things, to extend the lockdown to February 14th, due to the possible consequences of spreading the mutation with higher contagion potential.


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