Merkel is mad at Corona rule breakers – and warns twice

Can’t understand Corona rule breaker: Angela Merkel.

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  • Chancellor Angela Merkel apparently fears a corona relapse if the Germans take the easing too loosely.
  • Already in the morning she criticized Corona rule breakers internally, who would see shopping without a mask as a “test of courage”.
  • In the afternoon she also went in front of the cameras. Your message: distance, wear a mouthguard with nose protection and be considerate of each other.

Do some Germans take the corona loosening too loosely? Do they recklessly risk new corona diseases, which in the worst case could overload the health system? Chancellor Angela Merkel obviously fears this. There is no other way to understand her warning words this Monday.

The Chancellor allegedly criticized in the video section of the CDU Presidium in the morning that many people would have bought without protective masks at the weekend. In part, this behavior was even seen as a test of courage. But the commandment is still to adhere to the applicable distance rules, she warned, as participants of the video switch unanimously reported.

Merkel reminds of corona rules

In the afternoon, Merkel officially addressed the public to urge compliance with the corona rules. In the current new phase of the pandemic, it would be necessary “that, with all the easing, we really have certainty that people will adhere to the basic requirements: So keep your distance, wear a mouthguard with a nose guard. Respect each other, ”said Merkel after a video conference with health officials in the Harz Mountains. The Chancellor added: “This is very important.” Read Too

Does the mood change? How the Germans really think about Corona

The number of people newly infected with corona is still falling in Germany. According to the Robert Koch Institute, there were only 357 new cases on Sunday. How the loosening of the corona restrictions decided last week can only be seen in two to three weeks.

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