Mert and Joan from ‘Love Island’ talk about their desire to have children

Mert (20) and Joan (25) arrived at the end of the second season as Love Island emerged victorious. A month later it is still cake and egg between the lovebirds. During a Q&A, the two even talk about children, although that is not yet immediate.

What Feline and Giuliano and Mattheüs and Jaimy did not succeed, will still work for Mert and Joan for the time being. The winners of the second season of Love Island are still together. During a Q&A on Instagram and on their YouTube channel, the two explained how they are doing and their relationship.

In it we learn, among other things, that Joan and Mert are not yet living together. They are planning to do so, but it is not yet that far.


Another fan inquired about their desire to have children by asking how Mert would react if Joan turned out to be pregnant. The idea clearly does not deter Mert. “On the one hand, I would like it. But honestly, at this age? I would just live with it and accept it. I would raise the child like a real father, ”he says, adding that he would rather wait a little longer.

Joan herself shares that opinion. “I’m not ready for that at all,” she says resolutely. When asked when they do want children, Joan says: “at 33”. “But that was what I thought when I was single,” she adds.

Mert does not look far into the future “What if we had a child in three years’ time?” He wonders aloud. “Then you are still young. Then you are 23 years old. But I can see you becoming a young father ”, Joan responds. So when those children arrive, will remain a secret for a while, but the couple does emphasize that they first want to have a house.

View Joan and Mert’s Q&A here


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