Message in a bottle exit: Hundreds of employees lose jobs

After the message in a bottle exit to the food company Dr. Oetker followed a wave of layoffs at the Münster-based delivery startup. Unions are alarmed.

The employees of the beverage supplier are upset about the current developments in the company.

Christoph Papsch

Over a month ago, Dr. Oetker bought the beverage delivery service in a bottle. One billion euros are said to have flowed into the Münster startup. The long-established company has now announced that it will merge message in a bottle with its own competing offer, Durstexpress.

“Durstexpress becomes message in a bottle,” announced the company on Wednesday. Durstexpress will gradually be transferred to bottle mail at all locations. In some cases, warehouse locations would be merged. Employees should “if possible, be offered employment in a neighboring camp”.

“The employees are pissed off”

According to a report by the Rheinische Post, several locations are to be closed and hundreds of employees are to be laid off. The sheet refers to the union of food-pleasure-restaurants (NGG). In Berlin, Leipzig and Bochum, employees of the Durstexpress locations were informed of their termination. You are invited to apply to Message in a Bottle. “The employees are pissed off. It’s a cheek to deal with it, ”said Jörg Most, managing director of the NGG region Leipzig-Halle-Dessau, the newspaper. Message in a bottle recently employed more than 6,000 people at 22 locations. According to its own information, Durstexpress has more than 3,500 employees.

It is not the first time that the union has criticized the behavior of the two delivery services towards its employees. After the mega-deal between Message in a Bottle and Dr. Oetker, the NGG recently expressed criticism of the working conditions at Message in a Bottle and Durstexpress. Both beverage delivery services would pull through the merger at the expense of the workforce, said several employees in a SWR contribution. It is about precarious working conditions, poor pay and the prevention of works councils. hs / dpa


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