Meta plans four new VR headsets by 2024

In addition to several augmented reality devices, Meta is also planning four new VR headsets by 2024.

Meta plans to ramp up its virtual reality efforts over the next few years. The online magazine The Information claims to have obtained an in-house roadmap for the release of several VR headsets over the next few years.

Is Project Cambria coming out later this year?

According to the roadmap, Meta plans to launch four new virtual reality glasses by 2024. Project Cambria is to start with this. The headset was officially announced by Meta last year. According to leaks, Cambria is much better equipped than the current Oculus Quest. The headset should offer high-resolution displays with which users can read text and write e-mails, for example. Project Cambria is expected to cost $799. In 2024 there should already be a successor model for Project Cambria. Internally, the device is codenamed Funston.

Cheaper headsets could follow in 2023

The other two glasses are said to be the successors to the inexpensive Quest 2 headset. They are codenamed Stinson and Cardiff in the roadmap. The release is planned for 2023 and 2024. No details are known about the hardware equipment and the price of the two glasses.

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