Meta provides AI translation model for 200 languages

Meta continues its efforts to develop a universal translator with a new translation tool.

The “No Languages ​​Left Behind” project announced by Meta in March can now translate 200 languages. The Facebook parent company announced this in an official message this week.

“We just released an AI model we developed that can translate into 200 different languages ​​- many of which are not supported by current translation systems.”

explains CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

development challenge

A particular challenge of the project is that researchers have a very small pool of data for languages ​​spoken by few people. The scientists therefore have far fewer example sentences for training the NLLB-200 AI model than, for example, for the English language. For this reason, people had to be found for the development who speak the rather rare languages. The volunteers helped provide data and verified that the AI’s translations were correct.

Meta has made its translation tool open source along with other development and research tools. This should give researchers the opportunity to train the AI ​​for other languages. The model is already being used for translations in the Instagram and Facebook news feeds, as well as by the Wikimedia Foundation. In addition to translations, the tool should also be able to identify misinformation and insults in social media more quickly.

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