Meta Quest: The most important new announcements

Facebook presented the upcoming highlights for its VR glasses Meta Quest at a showcase.

At the Meta Quest Showcase, the Facebook operator Meta presented the upcoming games for its Quest 2 VR glasses. Last year, the VR implementation of the classic “Resident Evil 4” caused a sensation. This year Meta followed up with new highlights.

Ghostbusters VR

It all started with “Ghostbusters VR”, a new title for the Quest 2 VR glasses. The entire headquarters of the well-known ghost hunters in San Francisco should be available in the game. In addition, ghosts are to be heated up with the iconic weapons of the ghost hunters. When the title will appear, however, is not yet certain.

Resident Evil 4 is expanding

Developer Armature Studio is now giving the VR implementation of “Resident Evil 4” the Mercenaries mode. This is now available for free download from the Oculus Store for all main game buyers. Mercenaries are timed, high-score chasing challenges. Online leaderboards and 20 new challenges should motivate players here. There is also a switchable black and white filter and golden weapons that can also be used in the campaign.

Among Us and Bonelab

Also presented was “Among Us VR”, an adaptation of the already available online multiplayer deduction game, in which traitors among the other players have to be found. The title is scheduled for release in late 2022. In addition, “Bonelab” will be a successor to “Boneworks” with new maps, weapons and avatars at the end of 2022.

Cities VR and Moss: Book II

In “Cities VR” all fans of games like “SimCity” should get their money’s worth. The VR implementation will be released on April 28 for $30. With “Moss: Book II” a port of the PSVR game about the little mouse will also be released in the summer.

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