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Metamorphosis: from boring bay window to atmospheric place

Four years ago, the young couple bought the house, after which they did the necessary odd jobs. Now the front room. The space they would most like to use as a cozy living room.

Challenging bay window

Hester: “We are very happy with the stained glass, but the radiator, among other things, is an eyesore.” Not to mention the window coverings and the windowsill that annoys the couple.

Radiator conversion and windowsill in-1

Patrick makes a radiator conversion without taking up too much space from the living room. One in which he even manages to create extra storage space. Ideal with a small sprout!

He starts with accurate measurements of all sizes. Once the surveying has been done, the conversion can begin. Patrick works from the old windowsill. He leaves this one, because the house is neatly plastered. If he did remove the windowsill, he would demolish the stucco. Sin and not necessary!

He does repair the old windowsill by painting it again. And while he’s at it, Patrick immediately takes the entire frame with him. Are you also going to paint at home? Then sand down the old woodwork first. That way you remove the irregularities and the paint will adhere better to the previous paint layer.

Wood type and screws

Patrick has opted for MDF for the conversion. To prevent the wood from splitting, he predrills all the holes first. He opted for partial thread screws, so that the plates can be mounted completely against each other. Well that tight.

Making schedules

The EH & T handyman has opted for glazing beads to ensure that the heating can dissipate the heat. They are already primed and are made of meranti. The advantage of this is that it does not split or warp due to heat.

Time for atmosphere

You can leave this to stylist Lieke with confidence. To make the conversion (even) more eye-catcher, she does not paint everything in the same color. For example, give an open box an accent color. For example, Lieke takes a tint from the stained glass, creating a lot of contrast in the living room.

Sometimes it is difficult to find accessories in the same shade, while repeating colors is beautiful in an interior. You can easily solve this. For example, the stylist paints the inner leaf of a side table in the same color as the inside of the radiator casing.

Organize postcards

Hester and Tsjip had many postcards scattered around the room. This quickly looks messy. Lieke shows that it gives a very nice and tidy effect if you hang them together on the wall with beautiful thumbtacks.

Furnish windowsill

What you often see when you peek into people is that there are two large, stately vases in the middle of the windowsill. Lieke prefers to keep it fresh. She manages to capture this atmosphere by working with several vases (in the same shade) and dried flowers.

Do you want more DIY and home inspiration from Patrick and Lieke? Watch the fragments via Videoland (Episodes 61 & 63).


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