Meteor Lake: Intel plans new CPU socket

Intel is planning a new socket with 1,851 contacts called Socket V1 for Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake.

Current processors from Intel are moving to the LGA1700 socket. Introduced with the Alder Lake CPUs, it features 1,700 protruding pins for the processor’s contact pads. But the new base is likely to be inherited again soon. The manufacturer is apparently already planning to switch to socket V1 for generations 14 and 15 of the core processors. This includes 1,851 contacts, which are also designed as a land grid array.

Heat spreader gets higher

The basic size of the base of 45 x 37.5 millimeters has not changed. In return, however, the density of contacts increases. New coolers will probably not be necessary either, since Intel wants to stick to the old holes. So if you want to continue using an old cooler, you can probably do so. However, it should be noted that the height of the heat spreader will increase from 6.73 to 7.40 millimeters to 6.83 to 7.49 millimeters. So care should be taken when installing an old cooler.

Stacked graphics unit in the CPU

The leaked diagram also shows that there could also be a socket called LGA2551. However, this should only be used with directly soldered processors, for example in notebooks. Specifically, Socket V1 is expected for all Meteor and Arrow Lake processors. These are expected in the fourth quarter of 2023 and the first half of 2024. The new processors are expected to offer a stacked graphics unit. This should accommodate up to 320 execution units. Later this year, Intel plans to introduce the Raptor Lake processors, which should have more efficient E-cores. These CPUs also fit into the current socket LGA 1700. So there is still enough time before a board change.

Intel CPU: Raptor Lake with larger cache

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