Metro 2033, Stellaris and more: You can play these games for free on weekends

Welcome, come in! It’s Friday afternoon and the weekend is just around the corner. Also this weekend you can play numerous games for free again. Some with a subscription, some without a subscription. And some you can keep forever. Nerdy Deals collects free playable games in a constantly updated article, which is again the basis for this article.

At the Steam Free Weekend you can currently play Hearts of Iron IV for free. In addition to the strategy game, there is also Metro 2033 ready to play for free. But not as part of the Steam Free Weekend, but because of a current sale from publisher Deep Silver. You can keep Metro 2033 forever after purchasing it for free! Cool!

In the Xbox Store you will still be tempted with a free test phase for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 *. After the announcement of the next-gen version, you probably take this as an opportunity to win one or two skaters. We already had this game on offer last Friday – you can only join today.

Tell Me Why, Bethesda and Stellaris

Microsoft and Dontnod (Life is Strange) also announced this week that they Tell Me Why can now play for free. Well, at least the first episode. This is possible on Xbox * and PC-Steam. The game is also included in the Xbox Game Pass, so most Xbox users probably don’t get much added value from the promotion. The episode remains permanently free, but it is for the first time this week and therefore deserves a mention in this article!

Speaking of Xbox Game Pass. Of course, the 20 Bethesda games that have been included in the Xbox Game Pass since today deserve a mention. Dishonored, DOOM, The Elder Scrolls, The Evil Within … it’s all there. We’ll stay with Xbox and the good Xbox Free Play Days *. As part of the campaign, you can play the following games from Thursday evening to Monday morning with an Xbox Live Gold subscription at no additional cost:

  • Stellaris: Console Edition
  • Cities: Skylines – Xbox One Edition

Speaking of which Stellaris. At Humble Bundle you can currently get the game for one euro in the Stellaris Discovery Bundle. If you put down a few more euros, you will receive numerous content and expansions!

In the Epic Games Store you can currently still grab Surving Mars (free until March 18, 5 p.m.). Prime Gaming also recently introduced the new free games. Here you have to access for a limited period of time, otherwise the games are gone. For example, Tengami, Blasphemous and Boomerang Fu are currently new!

Here you will find a landing page * that clearly explains everything else and lists all the content that you can grab. On this page you will find the games currently available in Prime Gaming *. If you don’t have Amazon Prime yet, you can test it for 30 days free of charge *.

Images: Metro 2033, Deep Silver


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