Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition and Next-Gen Updates announced

Deep Silver and 4A Games have the release of the Metro Exodus: PC Enhanced Edition announced. A “radical update” that is supposed to use the power of ray-tracing-capable GPUs to enable an “incredible visual upgrade”. Great: The Enhanced Edition is free for owners of the game on Steam, the Epic Games Store and GOG as well as the Microsoft Store.

A little more of the highest level:

The update adds additional ray-tracing capabilities, including enhanced ray-traced reflections and support for the much sought-after DLSS 2.0 on NVIDIA hardware, which offers sharper image details as well as higher refresh rates and display resolutions. By continuing to work with NVIDIA, this update improves upon the existing Ray Traced Global Illumination technology embedded with the original version of Metro Exodus to fully support each light source with ray-traced effects, and implements RT emissives -Technology from “The Two Colonels” (DLC) throughout the game.

In addition, Deep Silver has also announced a major “Gen 9 update” for Metro Exodus for Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 on June 18, 2021. In addition to 4K and 60 FPS, there will also be full ray-traced lighting on the new consoles.

Drastically reduced loading times, improvements in spatial audio and controller latency on Xbox, and support for the haptic functions of PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers are also on the list of features.

The next-gen update is free and is made available to owners via the new Complete Edition. There will also be a new physical edition for franchise newbies.

Images: Metro Exodus, Deep Silver, 4A Games


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