MIC DR-9: car radio in test (2022)

With an RRP of EUR 39.99, the MIC is one of the cheaper DAB+ radios on the market. The equipment of the retrofit radio includes a hands-free system, Bluetooth and two USB ports, and a remote control is also part of the standard scope of delivery. In the 2022 AUTO BILD car radio test, the radio scored 198 out of 300 points, giving it a grade of 3.0 (“satisfactory”). (You can read all the results in our car radio test.)

product test

  • very good equipment
  • easy installation
  • very cheap looking workmanship
  • slight background noise in radio mode

Price €54.99

MIC DR-9 in the car radio test

Furnishing: The MIC DR-9 is equipped with two USB ports, which also offer a charging function. Four amplifier connections and an AUX connection are also installed. The mobile phone can be connected to the radio via Bluetooth in order to play music or use the hands-free system. The microphone for the hands-free system is integrated in the radio. The color of the display can be changed. A remote control is also part of the standard scope of delivery, but it cannot be permanently installed anywhere and has a rather bulky shape.

“Equipment” rating: 25 out of 45 points

Installation: The installation instructions for the DR-9 are very clear and easy to understand. Connecting the radio is particularly easy if the car is already equipped with DIN plugs: the plugs can be attached directly to the radio, an adapter is not necessary. A DAB+ antenna is also not necessary, because the MIC DR-9 is equipped with a splitter in the radio that enables DAB+ stations to be received via the already installed FM antenna. At 87 millimeters, the installation depth is seven millimeters longer than the manufacturer’s specification, but the radio is still one of the more compact DAB+ radios on the market.

Rating: “Installation”: 44 out of 50 points

Service: The control panel of the MIC DR-9 looks tidy and is equipped with buttons that are easy to feel, but the functions of some buttons are only recognizable on closer inspection. Switching between music sources is easy. The Bluetooth connection is not only established quickly, but also runs stably and is saved. The music files can be played from a USB stick even if they have been saved in a folder. However, jumping from folder to folder only works if you zap through the individual music files. Both FM and DAB+ reception are established quickly. The stations can be easily found and saved manually or automatically in both modes. The reception is stable in both modes apart from small dropouts in the tunnel. However, slight background noises can be heard, and this also applies to the hands-free system.

Rating: “Service”: 119 out of 150 points

Quality: Both the feel of the buttons and the control panel itself appear very cheap – no wonder given the price. But the buttons react quickly and the radio works reliably. Because of the background noise, the radio is still deducted here. The instrument lighting cannot be dimmed either via the car’s light switch or via a menu and is very dazzling at night.

Rating: “Quality”: 10 out of 55 points

Conclusion: The MIC DR-9 surprised us. The equipment is more extensive than the more expensive devices and after a little getting used to, the radio can also be operated quite well. The DAB+ reception through the integrated splitter makes installing the radio child’s play. However, the noise can get annoying over time and the build quality leaves a lot to be desired. But in view of the price, these trade-offs are to be expected.

Facts about the MIC DR-9

Furnishing: USB, AUX, Bluetooth, speakerphone, DAB+
Playback formats: MP3, WAV
Perfomance: 4 x 45 watts
Price: 39.99 euros (RRP)

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