Michael Ludwig: “I don’t need a specter”

Individual traffic is becoming more important, especially in Corona times. Does it really make sense to hinder driving with meeting zones, pop-up cycle paths and the like?
In Vienna we have a balanced relationship between public and private transport, cyclists and pedestrians and we have managed to bring more people to the public transport system in recent years. This has to do with the low annual price of 365 euros. But also because we have invested a lot of money in expanding public transport. Good cooperation between all road users is important to me. This includes cyclists, but also drivers. We take a close look at which bike paths are accepted and which are not. That is being evaluated. It is important to consider all road users in equal parts.

And who needs a pool on the belt?
It was a decision by two districts to demonstrate that they were cooperating well across the belt. It will be seen how this is accepted. Personally, however, I believe that a good cooperation between leisure facilities and traffic areas is also required here.

The belt is a critical point where there are relatively many traffic jams. This could be exacerbated.
It will not be right on the belt, but on a connecting road between the two major belt roads. Hence the assumption that in the summer, when there is less traffic, it will be possible to use this area. But let’s see how it works.

Change of subject. Now the Neos have ruled out a dirndl coalition of turquoise, pink and green. Are you not losing the specter in the election campaign?
I don’t need a specter. But I remember a lot of announcements before elections. For example, when a well-known green politician said that there would be no coalition at the federal level with the ÖVP, this “Schnöseltruppe under Sebastian Kurz”. And you look at who is now coalitioning in the federal government. Sometimes announcements before an election and what happens afterwards are not comparable.


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