Michelin CrossClimate Camping: Ready for the whole year?

Motorhome holidays are no longer just a summer thing. The industry association BVCD found out that around 65 percent of campers have already tried out winter camping or are at least interested in it.

All-season tires for recreational vehicles are becoming all the more attractive. They can be recognized by the snowflake symbol (3PMSF label) and the special CP identifier, which stands for “Camping Pneu”. Such all-weather models are preferably used on motorhomes up to 3.5 tons. Vehicles above this will commonly continue to switch between traditional summer and winter tires.
Michelin CrossClimate Camping

For the tire test we used, among other things, a Chausson on a Ford Transit.

Michelin’s CrossClimate Camping has been on the market since March. An all-weather tire specially developed for motorhomes, which has also been optimized for the long periods that motorhomes typically stand still. Reinforced side walls and a special carcass are designed to keep the tire in shape and prevent the vehicle from “standing flat”. (10 tips for camping holidays)

Extensive test drive through the Auvergne

But the most important question is of course: how well does the new all-season candidate drive? AUTO BILD REISEMOBIL tries it out. At the in-house Michelin test site in Ladoux in central France and on an extensive test drive through the Auvergne.

Michelin CrossClimate Camping

Good response, short braking distances and safe handling are key disciplines.

Two camper vans based on a Fiat Ducato and Ford Transit serve as vehicles and are equipped with the new tyres. What is immediately noticeable: it has a special tread. This has a V-shaped profile with large blocks and accentuated wide grooves. The rubber almost looks like all-terrain tires with deep tread (AT). Fortunately, the high rolling noise that the AT colleagues are known for is missing in this case.

Good job in all situations

The aim of the unusual Michelin profile: It should offer good driving characteristics on snow and a high level of traction in the wet, but also ensure safe progress on mud, grass and gravel. Can this work? We leave the road, turn onto dirt roads, ride on gravel roads and even on wet meadows. In fact, the new tire does a good job in all situations – and always ensures a well-controlled driving experience.

Michelin CrossClimate Camping

The special profile structure enables easier starting and more directional stability on muddy ground.

The model will be available in eight tire sizes, which Michelin says covers 99 percent of the market. The first four dimensions have been available since March, and the second half will follow in the summer.

For the time being, the new Michelin CrossClimate CP will not be available on new vehicles, only for retrofitting in tire shops. The fun is not cheap: in the 225/75 R 16 118/116 R format, the tire starts at around 225 euros online. Apiece!

Michelin CrossClimate Camping

According to Michelin, the tire is designed for a maximum of ten years of use.

Tire tips for campers

The permitted tire sizes can be found in the registration certificate in fields 15.1 and 15.2. Other sizes can be found in the CoC papers for the motorhome.

The date of manufacture is noted in four digits. The first two digits indicate the calendar week, the last two digits the year of manufacture.

A load index indicates the load capacity of a tire. Each value is assigned a maximum tire load in kilograms at a tire pressure of 2.5 bar.

The labeling system provides information on rolling resistance, wet grip and noise levels.

Directional tires can be recognized by the printed direction arrow and information such as “rotation”.

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